6 Prong Paw



Some people go their whole lives thriving on the recordings of a favorite band, with no intentions of seeing them play live. Others bloom and prosper from the pure erotic energy that they leave with after seeing a great live show. This surreal experience will be with them for the rest of their lives, becoming irreplaceable. Either way it does not matter. The listener still feels united and exposed to something they feel or have never felt before. This is why 6 Prong Paw exists. 6 Prong Paw’s name derived from a friend who worked at the dog pound. He learned that dogs have a sixth claw removed shortly after birth. This claw (prong) can cause serious injury in an attack to humans and other animals if not extracted. One of the founders of 6pp, Nick Williams, thought that the name was perfect. It symbolized the standards and rules that society has put on music, or anything for that matter, and going against the grain was another goal that sparked 6pps motivation.
The next endeavor was to record a full length CD. The band spent much of their weekends in 2001-2002 recording at Thin Black Line Studios in Williamston Michigan. When it came to finally mixing the project, 6pp decided to send the tracks to Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford Florida. Nick had come in contact with Jason Suecof (Audio Hammer owner and engineer) through the band Summon, whom Nick has known for years. Suecof has recorded such bands as Trivium, God Forbid, Devildriver, Chimaira, and countless others. After listening to 6pp’s tracks, Suecof highly recommended that they come down, record 4 songs with him, and ditch the last year of recording. In January 2003, 6pp drove to Sanford Florida to record their self-titled CD (the blue album). They recorded 4 songs in a week and managed to save “World Without” from the tracks recorded in Michigan. The CD was then mastered at Morrisound Studios by Tom Morris in Tampa Florida. The band spent much of 2003 and 2004 writing new material and playing as many shows as they could. In late 2004, it was decided the band would go back to Suecof to record again. The CD would include 6 songs and be entitled “Victim of Mainstream America.” This time around the band spent 2 weeks in Florida. The band to recorded the drums at Morrisound studios, who has catered to such artists as Seven Mary Three, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Sepulture, and many others. After the drums where done they would bring the tracks back to Audio Hammer to do the rest. “Victim of Mainstream America” was released in the summer of 2005.
In March 2006, 6pp on to win “The Heavyweight Championship” battle of the bands competition sponsored by former radio station 107.7 wklq. The band beat over 200 entries. They also were approached b Joe Picasso films and had the winning show filmed in HD
On November 2011 6pp signed with Twisted Hillbilly Records out of Knoxville Tennessee. Shortly after signing, they began work on their first full length CD with Wayne Tourville at Twisted Hillbilly Studios. Now, after 2 years of back and forth between Michigan and Tennessee, they released “Auditive Levitation” in January of 2013, with three videos.
Official Page – http://www.6prong.com
You Tube Channel – www.youtube.com/sixthprong1
Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/6prongpaw
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Recoil Magazine Interview – http://recoilmag.com/?p=934
Itunes – http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/6-prong-paw/id18080867
97.9 WGRD Feature – http://wgrd.com/grand-rapids-rocks-six-prong-paw/

Songs are broadcasted on over 50 internet radio stations with some syndicated radio stations.
6 radio interviews, including: a live acoustic performances with www.RawRadioX.com & www.tapdetroit.com, some which are featured on You Tube Channel.
Won Bronze Video Award for “High Quality Original Production Values” via www.Beat100.com for both “Cold Repetition” & “Question?” videos.
Won Bronze Song Award for “Well Written Original Song” via www.Beat100.com for both “Cold Repetition” & “Question?” videos.
Currently featured on www.iHeartRadio.com and www.spotify.com

National Bands Previously Opened For
Jason Newsted (Newsted), Mushroomhead, Final Trigger, Gemini Syndrome, Powerman 5000, Primer 55, Motograter, Endo.
Buckcherry, Sponge, Nonpoint, X Factor 1, Psychostick, Taproot