About Us

Bringing together 4 top groups/teams in genre’s – Edm, Hip Hop, Rock, and Metal to cover 4 – 6hr daily blocks for each genre and control the music, celeb interviews, show hosts, etc for that 6 hr daily block. First block to be taken by Cable/Online Tv show  ” Music & Mayhem With Jon Russell ” who’ll cover the metal block with 3 hr shows for both Jon Russell and Mischief Madness, couple special celeb shows to be added as well in each 6 hr timeblock.Will also be joined by Dj Red Viking from KAMP Radio who’ll be providing  great interviews with the top artists and celebs in Edm, Hip Hop, and Metal.

GM of everything Nate Martin co-Gm/producer/show host James Gypsy Nagy

IPORadio.com  – Independent Pirate Online Radio is born!

will be running tests, interviews, and updates till the station launch in 2 months so stay tuned for more info.