Arcane Framework

Arcane Framework


From: Dundee, IL
Genre: Metal, Rock, Alternative


Members: Katy Pryzbytek-Bass guitar/lead vocals, Mike Bero-Drums, Scott Tomaselli-lead guitar, Brian McDermott-rhythm guitar


Bio:Arcane Framework formed as a trio on March 2, 2011, where members Katy, Mickey, and Mike immediately began putting time and energy into writing, learning each other’s styles and techniques, and developing a sound that is their own. They dove into the studio to record with Brad Dausman of AngryMan Productions by summer, and they further evolved into their current line-up later that year in September with the addition of Brian. The addition of Scott Tomaselli on lead guitar in the summer of 2012 brought a new dimension to the band and helped improve the writing process that propelled the band to play shows with the likes of Psychostick, Pop Evil, and Nonpoint. They released their first self-titled EP to wrap up their first year together, and have been busy focusing on playing shows and writing new material for 2013!

The momentum keeps growing – hope to see you out there rocking with us!!!