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We’re As We Walk. Metalcore based in Austin, TX. Check out our latest lyric video at


An old Biography Metal and Mayhem posted about us on their site.

Curtis Martin, David Moore, Mike Moseid, Ian Collins, and Nicholas Tekampe are collectively known as As We Walk. They each have served their time and given their service to this nation, all while making great music along the way. It’s a tough job being in the military, and can sometimes be even harder when balancing a band. As We Walk has perfected this balancing act, bringing great screams, cleans, riffs and beats together to create an amazing EP.

This is their story of how it all began, from the vocalist’s point of view.

Around the end of 2009, David (screamer) was serving in the Marines when he met Curtis (guitarist/synth) and Mike (bassist). They soon realized that their preference in music was very similar and that each one of them had some sort of skill with instruments.

They continued working together in the Marine corps, and eventually got stationed in Jacksonville, NC at Camp Lejuene. Around the end of 2011, Davids mother passed away and Curtis came up with an idea to write a song, and possibly lift David’s spirits.

Curtis played some riffs and synth tracks, and David brought in some screams. In that moment, everything fell into place. Not to mention, a few eardrums were probably blown from Mike, Curtis and David all screaming in a car until midnight with a pack of smokes and monster energy drinks. Musicians really know how to party, huh?

Anyway, Curtis, Mike and David saw what they were capable of and came to a unanimous decision that this was something they wanted to pursue. So, in mid to late 2012, they decided it was time to get serious about it, and got 3 other friends to join the band.

Unfortunately, those 3 friends did not remain in the band. However, they were able to find Ian (drummer), and Nicholas (singer). Since this coming together, they have all remained in As We Walk, and are the As We Walk that you know today.

The vocalist added a side-note that I would like to share with you. I think it shows the true dynamic of friends and colleagues and what a band really is. It really is a balancing act.

David wrote: -“I have always found that writing helps me deal with alot of my anger issues and stress. So screaming just felt like it would be the only job to really suit me. Curtis has been involved in music for the better portion of his life and is easily the driving force in the band. And Mikey is definitely good at keeping spirits up and buying shit we need when the rest of us are broke haha.”

Did I mention that being in the Armed Forces isn’t cheap? This is how they began. This is what/who they are. This is “As We Walk”.


Forming in the end of 2012 originally to create an escape from the stresses of life while serving as active-duty U.S. Marines. As We Walk has realized their true passion for music leaving their old military lives behind to finally pursue their dreams as a metalcore band. In hopes of making at least some small impact with their music. As We Walk has come together to bring forth their deepest thoughts and all their life experiences in attempt to create a new and evolved sound to share with the world.

Location Austin, Texas 78759

Genre Metalcore

Members David Moore – Screams

Curtis Martin – Guitar, Synth

Mike Moseid – Bass

Ian Collins – Drums

TBA – Singer

TBA – Guitar

General Manager Dave Bethel

Influences As Cities Burn, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice And Men, The Devil Wears Prada, I The Mighty, Circa Survive, Kimbra, Lights, Lydia, Emarosa, City and Colour, Balance Problems, Architects, and Erra.

Current Location Austin, TX

Contact Info

Phone (405) 623-0460


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