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Mac Sabbath Brings “Drive-Thru Metal” to Tucson

“Better than Chic-fil-AC/DC, Dairy Queensryche, and Burger King Diamond put together!” -KFCC DeVille   Like Black Sabbath? Hate fast food companies? Mac Sabbath is for you. Formed in Los Angeles in 2014, they are the self-proclaimed kings of “Drive-Thru Metal” and are a sight to behold. They play Black Sabbath classics, reworked with anti-fast food …

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Arizona Rapper Stacc Styles Takes You “Inside The Ride”

“Look into the flames, see the eye of the dragon” There is a dragon waking in the desert southwest that goes by the name of Stacc Styles. Styles has long been an important fixture of Tucson, Arizona’s Hip-Hop scene and is now on a crusade to bring his brand of “High Energy Hip-Hop” to a …

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Crossover pioneers Pro-Pain set to release new album

The New York “crossover” band Pro-Pain, long a staple of the heavy music scene in America, will release their 15th studio album, “Voice Of Rebellion”, in the U.S. on June 23. “Crossover” is a fusion of Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk that was largely a product of the east coast music scene of the 1980s. …

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Legendary The Melvins on 49-show US tour

The word “legend” , much like the word “great”, is thrown around far too frequently in our society. To be legendary in my book you have to not only kick some serious ass, but you have to do it for a seriously long time. In addition, you have to influence others who then go on …

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