Burn, Madball, Earth Crisis, Turnstile, Sick Of It All, more to play Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015

The countdown to New York City's premiere hardcore festival is now under a month away. The two-day event known as Black N' Blue Bowl 2015 will be headlined by the Regulators (Darryl Jenifer and Dr. Know of Bad Brains with John Joseph and Mackie Jayson of Cro-Mags) and BURN, respectively. The latter are getting the most heads psyched up this year, and for good reason. BURN released two timeless EPs on Revelation and one on Equal Vision, forging a powerful yet innovative NYHC sound while creating their own unmistakable aesthetic in the process. Members most notably went on to play in Orange 9mm, Quicksand and Big Collapse. Head to BNB's official site for ticketing options.

AP asked BURN frontman Chaka Malik about revisiting the band:

“Preparing for the show has been intense!  Actually being in a room and digging into the songs has been cathartic and energizing!  Should be an incredible show at BNB Bowl this year!  Shout outs to Sick of it All who gave us our very first show at CBGBs. Also big shout out to Madball, The Wilding Incident, Regulators, Crumbsuckers, Candiria, BNB Productions, all of the bands playing on both days. Most of all much love to folks that make it down. New York State of Mind!

Also, we have a song called 'Shall Be Judged,' which at the time was about vegetarianism. The real concern for me now is GMO or genetically modified organisms. It's just as it sounds – genetically modified food and it's super dangerous. Monsanto, who is the main researcher and purveyor of this food, will NOT allow their own GMO produced food to be served in their on-site cafeterias. Will you allow it in you and your families bellies? Many of us got into hardcore because we knew some things in this world are really effed up. Please look into how these foods could be having a negative impact on you and your family's lives.

It's these types of things that fuel the energy in me that makes my contribution to Burn what it is. If you share the belief that you and your family should prosper and be and good health, it's time to get f-ing active.”