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Band Members Hans – guitar, lead vocals Stijn – backing vocals Pierre – bass Lode – drums Since the release of their debut EP ‘Dance To This!’ in 2011, F.O.D. has become a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. The band built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies, …

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Saxon harkens back to a day when metal was metal. When Maidens were Iron and Sabbaths were Black. When the singer sang and Cookie Monster was just part of a child’s television show. Don’t get me wrong, I love modern metal and its many, many sub genres, but there’s something to be said for just …

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Counting Days

Right from the first second this album kicks off, it shreds. Counting Days is powerful and aggressive and I can only imagine the kind of live show they put on. Tough to describe their sound, always a good thing. It lands somewhere between Hardcore and Metalcore. It’s pretty brutal with constant, guttural vocal work and …

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