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18 Artists With The Best Dye Jobs

Bright colors and new trends shouldn’t be limited to your summer wardrobe. From bright pinks to simple ombré styles and everything in between, here are just a few of the artists with the best dye jobs in the scene.

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Ash Costello, New Years Day


A photo posted by Ashley Costello (@ashcostello) on

Ash Costello has a reputation of loving all things horror, so the split red and black make perfect sense for her style. Plus who wouldn’t want hair that can double as a spot-on Harley Quinn getup?

Hayley Williams, Paramore

orange from the inside out

— hayley from Paramore (@yelyahwilliams) April 7, 2015

She may have ventured down several other colorful hair paths, but Williams will forever be known for her trademark bright orange no matter the exact shade, length or style.


Sherri DuPree-Bemis, Eisley

The only thing that could have made her pink hair any cooler was coordinating it with daughter Lucy. Which she did, and the level of cuteness is almost too much to handle.


Jenna McDougall, Tonight Alive


A photo posted by Jenna McDougall (@axlgram13) on

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your favorite color on your head instead?


Mariel Loveland, Candy Hearts


A photo posted by Mariel Loveland (@candyheartsband) on

While fronting a band named Candy Hearts, it’s practically a given that you’d be sporting some wild, colorful locks. Loveland has dipped her tresses in many parts of the rainbow, but her latest shade of purple is definitely on point.


Juliet Simms


A photo posted by Juliet Simms (@thejulietsimms) on

The subtle lighter tones of Simms’ ends balance out the rest of her wild style.


Macy Kate


A photo posted by Macy Kate (@macykatemusic) on

She hit the stage as an edgy, blonde on ABC’s Rising Star this past summer. A year and a few black streaks later, the 17-year-old songstress is all set to rock out at a few Warped Tour stops.


Sydney Sierota, Echosmith


A photo posted by sydney (@sydneysierota) on

Sydney’s beachy waves and ombré tresses are perfect for the vocalist of a SoCal pop-rock outfit.

Alicia Solombrino, Beautiful Bodies

Big hair, don’t care.


Jeffree Star


A photo posted by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on

Jeffree Star gives being pretty in pink an upgrade by rocking the hue in more shades than one.


Gerard Way 


A photo posted by Gerard Way (@gerardway) on

Not much can beat Way’s jet black and red ‘do circa the mid-2000s (a look AP’s own web editor has rocked since ’07!), but his Paprika Power, Hesitant Alien style comes in at a close second.


Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy


A photo posted by Pete Wentz (@petewentz) on

He may have gone back to self-proclaimed “Barbie Pete,” but the nearly month-long pink endeavor is definitely worth taking note.


Josh Dun, twenty one pilots

When his head isn’t being obscured by the duo’s famous ski masks, Dun can be seen rocking bright tips.


Jack Barakat, All Time Low


A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on

Many of the Hustlers did not approve of Barakat getting rid of his blonde streak, and they had no qualms letting that be known. Luckily, all was well again when he returned to his trademark ’do for Warped 2012.


Tyler Carter, Issues


A photo posted by Tyler Carter (@tylercarter4l) on

He has since moved on to a more “natural” brown, but Carter’s experimentation with pastel purple was definitely a successful one.


Michael Clifford, 5 Seconds Of Summer

changed my hair. looks like something blue exploded on my head

— Michael Clifford (@Michael5SOS) April 10, 2015

It would probably be safe to assume that he changes his hair color more than some people change their underwear.


Maxx Danziger, Set It Off


A photo posted by Maxx Danziger (@maxxsio) on

It takes a certain type of person to be able to pull off a bright blonde, and Danziger does so with ease.


Jared Leto, 30 Seconds To Mars


A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

This frontman has had more diverse hairstyles than anyone, ranging from a mohawk to short and bleached to his long, luscious ombré . Nowadays, however, Leto has embraced his role as the Joker and kissed those long locks goodbye. For him, it’s easy being green.


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10 New Songs You Need To Hear From April 2015

Sometimes the rock world can get noisy, and we don’t just mean in decibels or fuzz. Often the signal-to-noise ratio is more noise than signal. But no worries: We read, listen to and watch everything so we can sort it for you. Here are some of our favorite new songs and videos of April 2015.

March | February | January | December 2014  |  November  |  October  |  September  |  August  | July  |  June  |  May 


ALL GET OUT – “Sans” 

Southern rockers All Get Out took a studio sabbatical after 2011’s the Season, but are back with Movement. I’m a sucker for a strong opening track. Take “Sans” for example: insta-verse vocals are commanding, riffs heavy-handed and the fixated chorus yelpy in all the right ways. It’s a tasty appetizer for their next album, already in progress with Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull and Robert McDowell. They weren’t kidding about this movement business. —Brian Kraus

ASPIRE – “Break Down These Walls” 

False alarm, gramps—this isn’t a Youth Of Today cover. Not even close! But I would like to mention Issues, who aren’t traditionally comparable, but did come up last year via a menagerie of separate sounds. What was bizarre to some was a breath of fresh air for (many) others. So we gotta wonder, who might be next to spice things up? Toronto newcomers Aspire are in the running with Make Your Move, their new EP toting neon pop, easycore breakdowns, seamless rap bars and electronic buzz. Catchy, isn’t it? —Brian Kraus

BRAND NEW – “Mene”

Let’s be real, at this point Brand New could release anything and we’d be happy. Just. Give. Us. Something. Anything. When I was 11 and first saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in theaters, I was so hyped that it took me 10 fucking years to realize it was a bad movie. Given the parallels here, I’m not gonna call this Brand New song “good” just yet, but, with that said, I can’t stop listening to it—and I want “we don’t feel anything” tattooed on my body somewhere. —Matt Crane


FROM FIRST TO LAST – “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good”

The Harry Potter reference title is only the beginning of a long list of what things that make this spooky song from From First To Last’s comeback album Dead Trees great. New vocalist Spencer Sotelo adds an almost Daryl Palumbo-esque flair over the band’s ominous tones as he calls to mind grotesque flesh-peeling imagery. This song would fit perfectly into your spooky track collection next to the Used’s “The Bird And The Worm.”  —Cassie Whitt

INTO ANOTHER – “Crossed” 

Organizers for the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows wanted Into Another to reform for the 2012 events, but there were two major problems. Bassist Tony Bono (ex-Whiplash) had passed away from an apparent heart attack a decade before. Singer Richie Birkenhead (Underdog) and drummer Drew Thomas (Bold) hadn’t been in touch with guitarist Peter Moses in years. Enter SoCal super fans Brian Balchack (Ignite) and Reid Black (ex-Innaway), whose videotaped enthusiastically skillful renditions of Into Another classics (delivered via YouTube) inspired the their heroes to push on. Moses soon resurfaced; the new bicoastal lineup had so much fun playing the Rev25 shows they decided to stay together permanently. Into Another were one of the ’90s most excitingly colorful oddities, trading in hoodies and shorts for thrift shop mod chic similarly upgrading East Coast hardcore stomp with esoteric, experimental progressive hard rock. Their new self-released five-song EP, Omens, finds Into Another mining deliciously familiar territory, with the tightly wound neo-grunge/post-hardcore of their major label effort, Seemless (1995) and the haunting escapism of their masterwork sophomore set, Ignaurus (1994). — Ryan Downey


PANIC! AT THE DISCO – “Hallelujah”

This is gospel. Not, you know, 2013’s “This Is Gospel,” but it does have that church-choir, big-band, Motown vibe—and let me say, Hallelujah, because Panic! At The Disco are fuckin’ back, son. “Show praise with your body/Stand up, sing hallelujah,” Brendon Urie soulfully carols over all that brass. Urie has always had his finger on the pulse of what’s sonically popping at a given time (see: “Miss Jackson” to “My Songs Know”)—and “Hallelujah” continues the tradition. —Matt Crane


PROTOMARTYR (feat Kelley Deal) – “Blues Festival”

There’s a bottled rage always simmering beneath the chords of a Protomartyr record—a kind of cloaked energy that eeks itself out in brutish enunciation and pummeling rhythms. For this track off their 7-inch split with R. Ring, the Detroit post-punkers recruited Breeders mainstay Kelley Deal for backing vocals—definitely “taking it from someone who knows.” Something about Joe Casey’s vocals have always reminded me of Tim Curry’s Frank-N-Furter swagger, mixed with a dash of Nick Cave edge. “Blues Festival” is delicious tension, a wink and a punch. —Lee McKinstry


MUTOID MAN – “Sweet Ivy” 

The supergroup resurgence continues. It’s been less than two years since Converge/Cave In offshoot Mutoid Man debuted their first song, “Gnarcissist.” Mutoid Man were born from the Cave In Shapeshifter/Dead Already cassingle, which featured Converge/All Pigs Must Die drummer Ben Koller and a return to the aggressive metalcore the band perfected before switching it up with the appropriately titled Creative Eclipses EP, which led to the “screamo meets Radiohead” curiosity Jupiter. Koller and singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky continued on in the cassingle comeback vein under the Mutoid Man moniker, eventually adding bassist/sound man Nick Cageao and unleashing Helium Head on Magic Bullet.  “Sweet Ivy” is the first offering from the forthcoming followup Bleeder, the band’s first album since signing with Sargent House. —Ryan Downey 


TWENTY ONE PILOTS – “Tear In My Heart”

Leave it to Columbus, Ohio’s post-modern pop princes to deliver a love song that uses slasher-film metaphors in the chorus to convey how recently married frontman Tyler Joseph feels about his wife. From the addition to a (gasp) bass guitar, to the middle section where Joseph conjures the annoyed everyman vibe Ben Folds built his career upon, this single is pretty much pop perfection. If you hate it, it’s probably because you’ve never felt love the way Joseph has. And in that case, there’s nothing dismissive or snarky this writer can say to you that you haven’t already done to yourself. Jason Pettigrew


TWENTY ONE PILOTS – “Stressed Out”

We usually try not to include more than one song by an artist in our monthly playlists, but tøp left us no choice when they dropped this poignant video depicting the soul-sucking pressures of adulthood just before our deadline. It’s lightyears in sentiment from the aforementioned upbeat, horror-themed love narrative of “Tear In My Heart.” And, sorry ptgrw, but we’re not all in a position to hop aboard the love train right now—even one that’s strewn with entrails. This song speaks to something darker: the melancholia that sets in when a call to “wake up/You need to make money” brings you to the grim realization that life will never again have the vibrancy it did in your days fueled by play and imagination. —Cassie Whitt

The 12 best pieces of band merch you missed this year

Shirts, shorts, hats, and hoodies are so 2014. This year, bands are upping the ante and getting creative with their merch choices. We’ve compiled a list of some familiar memorabilia as well as some weird items that makes you wonder: Who would wan…

15 things we learned about twenty one pilots today

While promoting their upcoming fourth studio album, Blurryface, twenty one pilots engaged in a Reddit AMA with fans today—and we learned a whole bunch of new stuff about the duo. From Chipotle preferences to the meaning behind their red armbands, read some of the best responses from vocalist Tyler Joseph (TJ) and Josh Dun (JD) below.

1. We learned what their favorite new tracks on Blurryface are.
JD: Mine is “The Judge.” Or “Lane Boy.”

TJ: I would say there’s a difference in my favorite song to play live versus favorite song to listen to. I think my favorite song to play would be “Lane Boy,” my favorite song to listen to would be “Goner.”


2. We learned how they like their Chipotle burritos.
TJ: Oh, pfffbbt! We rotate between bowls & burritos.

JD: I’ve been getting tacos lately…

TJ: Don’t say that!

JD: White rice!

TJ: Oh, come on!

JD: Black beans… chicken AND steak… all of the meat… usually a little hot salsa, corn, cheese, lettuce, sour cream.

TJ: Okay, I’ll go with my burrito. I do go with white rice on the burrito. I do half chicken, half sofritas. Because the sofritas gives you a flavor that no other meat option will give you. Then no beans. I go with the pico. Extra sour cream. Cheese and lettuce. You’re welcome.


3. How their faith influences their music.
TJ: It’s never been Josh & I’s goal to stand up on a stage with a microphone and tell people what to believe. That being said, what I do believe is very important to me, and absolutely is going to always be present whenever i create something, whenever I’m working through something. I think what someone believes can define them, even if it’s that they don’t believe anything, and for me and my faith, it will always be a big part of my music, whether it’s directly or indirectly.


4. The best concert moment they’ve ever had.
TJ: We’ve had a lot of weird moments. I had to stop a show one time because I saw a guy punch a girl, so we all collectively all kicked him out of the show. Festivals are fun, cuz you see all kinds of crazy things in the crowd. I remember one time in particular, no one was really watching us onstage, and I don’t blame them, because a guy in a gingerbread man costume was being crowd-surfed to the front…

JD: When Tyler knocked Tyler’s piano over by jumping over it.

TJ: Say “a bunch of times.”

JD: Because you’re punk rock… I never really get anxiety about Tyler climbing on things, until I watched GoPro footage after a show, and for the first time, I was nervous for my bro.


5. How they feel when they get the whole “your music saved my life” speech.
TJ: There are artists that I am fans of that have helped me through a lot. And because I know what that feels like, to be on the receiving end of something that someone created, I understand the weight and the importance and the honor in someone saying that our music has helped them in that same way. There’s nothing more important in our career than hearing that.

JD: I feel a heavy responsibility to continue not only creating or playing music, but also working on my own life, and trying to be a person that’s worthy of somebody looking up to, I guess.


6. Their favorite video games.
TJ: Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Gamecube… number one game of all time. MarioKart 64.

JD: I don’t really game, so…I did play Zelda for 64, both of ’em. Metal Gear Solid. Tony Hawk games.

TJ: WCW versus NWO for 64.

JD: Lester The Unlikely for Super Nintendo. That game was SO fun.

TJ: Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.

JD: Bomberman for Super Nintendo.

TJ: NBA Jam.

JD: Frogger!

TJ: Dude, I love Frogger.

JD: It’s so good.


7. What type of hair dye Josh uses.
TJ: He hasn’t found a good brand either, because all of the towels that he uses end up red!

JD: I do it myself. I think it’s called Splat. And it’s like $12 for a whole entire box of stuff.

TJ: Splat? Sounds like an ol’ Nickelodeon…


8. Do they miss playing smaller venues?
JD: Oh yeah.

TJ: Yes, absolutely. I think smaller venues – it’s more of a controlled environment where Josh and I can address the crowd better, talk to them, even take questions. We used to do that a lot with smaller crowds.

JD: I’d say that every band wants to get to a point where they’re playing large venues, but as we do that more and more, I realize how much I miss the personality of small rooms, and more of a connection with the people in them.


9. The meaning behind the red armbands they wear.
TJ: The more and more I got to know the character Blurryface, the more I realized that the color blue was not a part of who he was. And because of that, red represents him on this record.

10. The meaning behind the Blurryface cover.
TJ: There are so many layers- both literally and in the meaning of the album cover – that are so important to Josh & I. We’ve worked very hard on it. We can’t wait for you guys to discover it once you get your hands on it. But every element was very thought-through, and very intentional.


11. What artists they are currently listening to.
JD: I like the Skrillex and Diplo album.

TJ: I always listen to whatever Death Cab for Cutie puts out.

JD: Cashmere Cat…

TJ: I’m going to say Sigur Ros.

JD: I’ve been listening to Kishi Bashi. I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music. Oh, Madeon!


12. “Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?!”
JD: We’ve asked this question a lot.

TJ: I’m going to go with 100 duck-sized horses. I feel like you could just kick them across a field. I imagine a lot of showdowns going on.

JD: I’ll go with the opposite. Because all I have to do is feed it some bread, haahhaaha!


13. They’ve bumped into fans in the bathroom.
TJ: Um…I’ve been trapped in a bathroom a few times. And at that point, you just gotta be like “Thanks for liking my band! I just took a dump!” There are times when Josh will get recognized and i won’t, and he’ll feel really bad for me, and I LOVE when Josh feels bad for me.


14. What the writing process was like for Blurryface.
TJ: This time around, there were a lot more ears and opinions around it. And that can get pretty tough, knowing that there’s this expectation of people waiting to hear it, that there are fans & other people who want to support us, whether it’s management, label, booking agencies, and there were several moments where we felt overwhelmed. But every time we’d finish a song, the one thing that gave us the confidence that we needed is that Josh & I would ask ourselves the question – do WE like this?


15. Will Josh ever be featured vocally?
JD: For rapping… I have really been practicing.

TJ: He’s been practicing every night. He’s not quite there yet, but maybe with some more work.

The 10 Best Types of Selfies Jack Barakat Posts

We live in a world where the front-facing camera is king and a selfie stick is a real thing, but not many have mastered the art of the selfie like All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat. Barakat and vocalist Alex Gaskarth are known for their crude yet hilarious onstage banter, so it’s no surprise this approach carries over into Barakat’s selfie game. Here are just a few of his best posts classified by type.

1. The “TV Screen” Selfie

Because who wouldn’t want to drink mimosas with Nick Jonas or plant one on Paul Rudd?


Mimosas with @nickjonas

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


2. The “Basic” Selfie

Clearly Jack has no qualms embracing his feminine side with such accessories as lipstick on Future Hearts’ release day, champagne and foiled tips at a stylist or hoop earrings with the Summer Set’s Brian Dales.


Happy #FutureHearts Release Day!

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


I’m so basic

— Jack Barakat (@JackAllTimeLow) December 11, 2014



Double hoops

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


3. The “Tourist” Selfie

Even musicians who regularly tour the world can get stoked about visiting cool places and trying new things, whether it’s as ancient as Cardiff Castle, as tasty as baguettes in the south of France, as iconic as the Apple headquarters or as simple as your own record label headquarters or a dirty Welsh joke.


What up Cardiff Castle!?

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Eating a baguette in the south of France ��

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Apple headquarters

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



We stopped by @hopelessrecords �� @zacharymerrick

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Guess where I’m taking you

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


4. The “Furry Friend” Selfie

Barakat once used his powers for good when he found a stray gray kitten a home, but he’s also posted plenty of shots with adorable pups like Olivia and a “punky,” one-eyed lady.


My friend found this 4 week old kitten. She doesn’t have a home or a name. Let’s help her get one!

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Straight up chillin with Olivia #hungover

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Punky only has one eye cuz she was attacked. But she’s the prettiest lady I’ve met. And she is my lover

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on

Plus, who can forget the pig in a bar and the horse who matched Jack’s hair?


This girl brought her pet pig to the bar! His name is Link. I love him

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



This is Umbo. We have the same hair

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


5. The “Mirror” Selfie

Elevator reflections…elevate the cliché mirror selfie to a new level, but Barakat has also kicked it old school in an animal print jacket with an ornate mirror, as Robin to Gaskarth’s Batman and post-show in a blue wig.


One of these dudes isn’t wearing underwear

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


Who wore it better?

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Fuck Yo Crime! @alexalltimelow

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Thanks Bologna! What a showwww

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


6. The “Home Alone” Selfie

It’s no secret how much Barakat loves Home Alone–the band even named a track on Nothing Personal after a line in the first movie (“Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal”). He produced a shirt inspired by the film for JAGK, his collab with Glamour Kills, but he often sports a young Macaulay Culkin tee.


Taking the train with Kevin up to NYC for the weekend

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



I feel you Kevin!

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



It’s all happenin!

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on

Bonus: He’s also posed in front of the bridge from Home Alone 2.


Home Alone 2

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



7. The “Group Photo” Selfie

The APMAs brought many bands together for endless photo ops (see the stretch limo and microphone shots for further proof), but apparently good group photos can also randomly occur with friends at stoplights.


Internet = Broken

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



We were driving and saw some familiar faces stopped next to us at a light! @alexanderdeleon @ryangood24

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


8. The “Behind-the-Scenes” Selfie

The “Something’s Gotta Give” music video took quite an unexpected turn, and this selfie gave fans a cool, behind-the-scenes look at the prosthetics and fake blood the band wore.


Something’s Gotta Give

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on

While not as in-depth, Barakat has also embraced his superhero side for another makeup-inspired shot.


A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



9. The “Drunk” Selfie

Alcohol makes bad ideas seem like good ones, and thanks to the internet, the aftermath is forever archived. In this case, a booze-filled night produced quality shots like the flip cup alarm and a 4 a.m., bra-on-the-head “life update” with a 5 Seconds Of Summer soundtrack.


When the flip cup alarm rings, wherever we are, everyone has to report to the flip cup room to play. #DrunkerGames

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



Life update. It’s 4 am. In a cab. I am not sober. 5sos is on the radio. I’m wearing a bra on my head

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


10. The “Random Object” Selfie

Non sequitur would be the best way to describe this type of selfie because how else can you explain grabbing the junk of an Under Armour mannequin, posing with a giant bag of popcorn or making yarn puns?


A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on



At #Birdland with my bae @baltimoreorioles

A photo posted by Jack Barakat (@jackalltimelow) on


Photo Of The Day: Spring 2015

Photo Of The Day: Spring 2015

The 10 Best Moments of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Ringo and Green Day and Fall Out Boy and Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett and sexual innuendos and tears and copious F-bombs! Holy HBO sponsorship deal, Batman! The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony hit Cleveland  April 18, and AP was there. This writer is still recovering. Here are our 10 favorite moments from this year’s ceremony.

Header via the @Rock_Hall

1.) Green Day take a moment to sign autographs

Everyone wants a piece of @GreenDay at the @rock_hall Induction Ceremony! #RockHall2015

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) April 18, 2015

Most of the show’s heavy hitters strolled the red carpet outside Cleveland’s Public Hall, but Green Day were the only ones that walked past the barricades and photographers and up to the crowd—signing one woman’s Kansas “Green Day” vanity license plate and hugging a sobbing girl with appropriately dyed lime green locks. It was another special moment from a band that treated fans to many in the week leading up to inductions, including a sold out concert at Cleveland’s House of Blues.


2.) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Dave Grohl and Miley Cyrus open the show


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Dave Grohl playing a little Cherry Bomb at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Induction Ceremony! #RockHall2015

Posted by Alternative Press on Saturday, April 18, 2015

The night was off to a blistering start when Joan Jett And The Blackhearts blasted through a blistering take on their 1980 autobiographical takedown “Bad Reputation.” The inductees were then joined by Dave Grohl and Miley Cyrus for “Cherry Bomb,” Jett’s sneering opus with original group (and riot grrrl forebearers) the Runaways.

3.) Miley Cyrus’ opening line

“I’m going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with @joanjett.” –@MileyCyrus #RockHall2015

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) April 18, 2015

Though the majority of her speech was poignant and tender, the social media generation’s agent provocateur who inducted Jett into the Hall, opened with this nugget:

“I’m going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett.”

Not to be outdone, Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd later added, “Let me clarify something Miley—we all wanted to fuck Joan.” Thanks for the info, dude.

4.) Joan Jett’s “acceptance”

The new @rockhall inductee, @joanjett everybody! Inspiring as always. Congrats to you & the Blackhearts!#RockHall2015

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) April 19, 2015

In the press room after her induction, Jett commented on the standing ovation she received when she accepted her award. After years of being told “No” because of her sex, it was validation she never thought she’d get.

“To see the room stand up like that and applaud to that degree was pretty amazing. I was trying to not bawl. It lets you see how much….People did just not think girls could play rock ‘n’ roll. The things that the Runaways were told and said to us, the nasty things that went on for years and years and years, and after the Runaways, with the Blackhearts and all these record companies saying, ‘What are you doing?’ They’d heard ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll,’ they’d heard ‘Crimson And Clover,’ they’d heard ‘Touch Me,’ so what’s the problem? They didn’t like the girl. So to see that whole place standing up like that, it was acceptance. It was overwhelming. It was very moving.”

5.) Fall Out Boy inducts Green Day into the Hall of Fame

Without @GreenDay there’s no us, there’s no @blink182…. @FallOutBoy #RockHall2015

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) April 19, 2015

“I guarantee you that someone, somewhere will be very pissed off when I say…that one of my all-time favorite punk bands is Green Day,” remarked Patrick Stump at the start of Fall Out Boy’s testimony to the group, a fervent and clever affair that included the shocking admission that people sometimes confuse FOB for Green Day. Pete Wentz summed up Green Day’s enduring outlier ethos when he recalled an early Billie Joe Armstrong interview: “He said ‘I don’t want to be making punk rock for the rest of my life’—sorry man, you still are! When you followed up Dookie with a single about methamphetamine, and another in two movements, that was pretty punk-rock. When conventional wisdom demanded another fast punk-rock song and instead you put down a stripped-down ballad single that became the go-to prom song for a decade, that was pretty punk-rock.

When you put out three companion albums in a year — in an era of digital singles — that was pretty punk rock.

When you put out an acoustic folk album at a time when you were fooled by obviously Green Day-inspired pop-punk, that was pretty punk rock.

When in an era of basically no socially conscious discourse in pop music, you put out a scathingly political rock opera and somehow managed to make that career-redefining, that was insanely fucking punk rock.”

The dudes went on to namecheck New Found Glory and Paramore in the press room.

6.) Green Day thanks Ford, Lookout! Records and “the Romper Room for degenerates”

Billie Joe to their manager: “I wanna apologize for the hotel room, for Tre’s drum sets catching on fire… Thanks for rehab!” #RockHall2015

— Alternative Press (@AltPress) April 19, 2015

The boys offered a loving, often-funny thank-you to their many fans and teachers, recalling an early show where drummer Tre Cool’s outfit of choice was a shower cap and tutu, the Econoline van that Mike Dirnt recalled was “the best damn van a smelly touring band could have,” and the many nights they spent sleeping on helpful strangers’ floors. Some things never change though, and Dirnt summed it up best by shrugging and saying “I love you guys. I’ll see you at band practice.”

7.) Green Day’s raucous three-song rage fest


Green Day taking us back 21 years with Basket Case at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Induction! #RockHall2015

Posted by Alternative Press on Saturday, April 18, 2015

The group closed off their segment careening through three of their signature tunes— “American Idiot,” “When I Come Around,” and “Basket Case.” They were the only inductees of the night that played entirely without guest performers, and Public Hall briefly burned with the intensity of a basement show.

8.) Laurie Anderson’s tribute to Lou Reed

Patti Smith & Laurie Anderson honor Lou Reed at #RockHall2015.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) April 19, 2015

Performance artist, musician and aesthetic wonder woman Laurie Anderson gave a moving tribute to Lou Reed, her partner of 21 years. The underground rock legend died October 27, 2013, and Anderson entreated the audience to summon his spirit with a round of rousing “Lousssss.” She also shared their three rules for life:

“Don’t be afraid of anyone”

“Get a really good bullshit detector”

“Be really, really tender”

9.) Ringo’s best advice for bands involved…flatulence?

#RockHall2015 inductee @ringostarrmusic and @JoeWalsh making an entrance!

— Rock Hall (@rock_hall) April 18, 2015

The fun Beatle lived up to his reputation Saturday night, especially when he picked up a mic while the stage was being set up for his performances, essentially performing a stand-up set and telling one female fan she could have a picture, “just don’t be so crazy in the eyes.”

The real golden moment came near the end of his jolly, charming acceptance speech when he warned bands traveling together in vans: “If you fart, own up.”

10.) Ringo gets a little help from his friends

What a triumphant #RockHall2015! Congrats to all the Inductees, and cheers to #Cleveland!

— Rock Hall (@rock_hall) April 19, 2015

After playing a tight-as-hell rendition of the Shirelles’ “Boys” with backing band Green Day, Ringo closed the night with a goosebump-inducing finale performance of “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Introducing Paul McCartney first (or, as Ringo called him, “A guy who plays bass occasionally”), Starr was soon joined by the entire night’s line-up: Green Day, John Legend, Patti Smith, Zac Brown, Tom Morello, Karen O, Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett and more rushed onstage to sing along. The night concluded with a guitar-abundant version of “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

Bonus Moment: Legendary singer-songwriter Bill Withers absolutely slayed during his acceptance speech, calling the entire ceremony “the biggest AA meeting in the Western hemisphere.” The real zinger came from Withers’ inductor, Stevie Wonder. After Withers announced he wasn’t going to be using the teleprompter, Wonder, who is blind, replied, “I didn’t!”

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