Charm Designer Interview


Colombian doom-gothic metallers Charm Designer will release their sophomore album “Everlasting” on February 19th, 2016 via Inverse Records.

The follow-up to 2008’s “Blood Sounds” was recorded with legendary producer Waldemar Sorychta, known for his work with Samael, Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced and Moonspell among others, being the first time for him to produce a Latin American band. The artworkcharmdesigner was designed by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Arcturus, Vulture Industries, Primordial, Arch Enemy, etc.). The lyric video for the title track “Everlasting” which is the new album’s first single and was also done by Costin has been made available and can be seen here

“We’re thrilled to finally have a release date set for our new album, since it’s been a while from when it was finished and it has been a painful task to hold our breath until now. But well, I guess that is the way it should have been in order to match the huge effort all this has meant to us. This is a work of pure and genuine determination” says Charm Designer’s founder and bassist Diego M. Giorgi.

“It has been a long and amazing ride for us seeking to reach this point, and well, to be able to work with Waldemar took the project of the album to a whole new level. Also, Costin did a brilliant job with the artwork for the album. We’re absolutely pleased with the outcome of all this.”


Hello, Thank you for taking my questions Diego M. Giorgi (bass)!

I have been jamming to your highly anticipated up-and-coming album “Everlasting” and I really enjoy it. The music is a mixture of symphonic doom/gothic metal and the vocals range from melodic clean to a wide variety of growls. It is a great album! How did the band come together? How did you all meet?

R/. Firstly, thanks for your words, it’s really nice to know that you enjoyed it!

Well, to think about a “day 1” when talking about Charm Designer’s history is always kind of tricky…it was around 2002 when me and two other guys (who aren’t in the band anymore, Daniel, drums and Carlos, guitar-synths) decided to start a new project that in some way rescued some stuff from a band that Carlos and I had with other people and ended some months before, without being able to ever record a demo or something like that. Even though we played our first show as “Charm Designer” in June of 2002, it was all with different people when compared to the current line-up, except for me.

In subsequent years it was all about trying to complete our line-up, especially to find a singer whose vocal style could help us consolidate the direction for the band’s sound, so it was through a classified ad in a local metal website how we met Andrés. By then it was already 2005.

As for Diego A. Morales (I have to be specific here, since we have 3 “Diegos” in the band, haha), we met him when a common friend suggested his name when we were looking for a drummer in 2007, since Daniel had to leave the band just after recording the drums for “Blood Sounds”, as he went to leave outside Colombia.

Carlos also left the band and the country in 2010 and that had us looking for a new guitarist for quite a while, until Diego A. Hernández, a friend of the band, started playing with us.

Is there a large fan base for metal where you are from? What is it like growing up in Bogota as a metalhead? What are some of your favorite shows that you have attended?

R/. Sure, there’s a lot of people who like metal in here…not necessarily our style, though. Most people here are more into either classic stuff (thrash, heavy metal) or heavier, more brutal stuff.

As for growing up as a metalhead, well, I guess it used to be very different here back in the day as it probably was everywhere else, before the digital revolution. It was a lot of trading tapes and drawing their covers and logos by yourself, learning about new bands through zines and stuff, you know?…certainly more enjoyable in my opinion, as you got the most out of every acquisition.

And about the shows….well, we’ve seen many bands in here, I guess those favorites depend on the taste of each of us. Metallica in ’99, Roger Waters and Depeche Mode come to mind, for example, but those were all huge shows…in a smaller, more “metal” context it was also awesome going to see bands like Cathedral, Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost or Katatonia, to name a few.

Has Charm Designer remained stricktly a DIY (do-it-yourself) band or have you had some support?

R/. Actually to do everything by ourselves has been the only choice for us so far. I mean, of course we’ve had more people involved in the album’s making and along our path, but all that has been managed, organized (and financed when needed, of course) entirely by ourselves.

How are you feeling now that your album is about to drop? Excited? Relieved?

R/. Among some other feeling, yes! Also proud. Determination is the word I always end up with when I need to summarize this whole process. I think it took a lot of it from us to achieve this.

The project of this album took a lot of time, way more than expected, so it is such a relief that it is finally coming out. We’re happy with the feedback we’ve had so far, the reviews have been amazing, so we just want the people to give it a chance once it is released on February 19th.

You have some truly amazing talent working with you guys on your forthcoming album Everlasting! It was produced and engineered by the highly acclaimed German producer Waldemar Sorychta (Lacuna Coil, Samael, Sentenced, Moonspell, Tiamat, among many others) and it was his first time ever producing a record for a band from outside of Europe. Where was the album recorded? What is the recording process for Charm Designer, does everyone chip in to the final product? What was different about recording this album than the previous ones?

R/. We recorded the album here in Bogotá, so bringing Waldemar here all the way from Germany was already a great experience in itself.

Even though it was our wish that he as our producer would guide the process, once at the studio we all contributed and gave our opinions all the way from the recordings to the final product at some point, definitely. As a band we try our best to agree on most of the stuff that is done, so we can all feel satisfied with the final outcome of things.

The biggest difference for the recording of this album was obviously Waldemar’s involvement as the producer. We’ve known his work for a long time and we knew that leaning on his experience and judgment was the right thing to do in order to take our music to a whole new level. He is an incredibly talented guy and I’m glad and grateful that we all made it happen.

Also, the artwork and layout for this release was designed by renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, who, on top of that, was also in charge of the concept and animation of the upcoming lyric video for the first single of the album “Everlasting” which can be seen on YouTube on your new label’s channel Inverse Records. Will you be planning any more music videos for the record? Maybe a live one? How did you guys get in touch with Inverse Records?

R/. We would love to be able to shoot a video clip for another single of the album. We’ll just have to do our best to make it possible, and that is being able to afford it, of course…haha. We’ll see…

Now, about Inverse…the plan was to show some tracks of our finished album to record labels around the world, since it was very important for us to have it distributed outside Colombia, and well, we did just that. Fortunately, our wait was not in vain and Inverse was one of those interested that got back to us with a plan.


You guys have been focused on the release of Everlasting, which promises denser sounds, equally committed to intuition and emotionality, crafted under unconventional languages…Now that the album is out are you hoping to tour outside of South America?

R/. Absolutely. It is indeed one of our biggest hopes. We did everything different this time, and it was planned that way from the beginning with the idea of taking a leap forward and go further beyond the boundaries of our country and region. To have the album released (soon) internationally is a great start for us, we’re very happy about it.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! Is there anything else you would like to add?

R/. Sure! Thanks to you for the interview, it was my pleasure, really.

I hope your readers will get a bit curious about our band and check out the lyric video for the title track if they haven’t yet. You can all find it on YouTube.

And if you’re interested in preordering Everlasting you can do it through Inverse Records’ online store, so go ahead!

Don’t hesitate to reach us through our Facebook or Twitter page if you feel like it or have anything to say to us.

We’ll see you on the road, hopefully!



Andrés Herrera – Vocals and guitars
Diego M. Giorgi – Bass
Diego A. Morales – Drums
Diego A. Hernández – Live guitars