Counting Days

Counting Days press shots

Counting Days - Liberated Sounds

Right from the first second this album kicks off, it shreds. Counting Days is powerful and aggressive and I can only imagine the kind of live show they put on. Tough to describe their sound, always a good thing. It lands somewhere between Hardcore and Metalcore. It’s pretty brutal with constant, guttural vocal work and fast paced instrumentation. If you’re not banging your head, your neck is likely broken. Or you just fail at life, but no judgement here. I really dig this album, took me a few songs to really get into the groove of it, but by the end I was most assuredly a fan. This is just a flat out sick debut album from a really talented bunch of dudes, hope to hear more from them in the future and if they tour stateside, I’ll see you all in the pit.