Ipo New Artist D.J. Ace and Much Finesse


D.J. Ace and Much Finesse

Artist… Musician… Activist…. Photographer… Entrepreneur!

Born in Newark, raised in Brooklyn! The Brooklyn legend has been in hip hop since 1983, first starting out with rap/breakdance team, M.C. Express, followed in 1986 by the Much Finesse.

Bringing the infamous “That Crack is Wack” slogan to Brooklyn, D.J. Ace and Much Finesse brought positive vibes to the rap game, with a strong combination of rap and dance, the group would spend five years taking a stand in the community. Through the 90s, Much Finesse moved into the political arena, seen in the “Free South Africa” music video with rap legends Queen Latifah, Brand Nubians, UTFO, among others.

During the 90s, DJ Ace would bring up and coming rappers to the spotlight, as one of the premiere DJs at Club Soul Powers, where the legendary underground parties would unify the Bed-Stuy-Ft. Greene youth, not to mention kick-start the career of the upcoming rap sensation that would soon be known as Biggie Smalls.

Much Finesse would release three singles, “Corner of the City (1991)”, “Non-Stop Groove” and “You Can’t Get Wit’ This” (1995). D.J. Ace would move to promoting other artists, musicians, and performers as the CEO of Non-Stop Production, as health issues would slow down his rap career in ’95.

Returning back to the stage in 2000, and 2011, D.J. Ace officially returned to the hip hop scene, reuniting with previous members of Much Finesse for the 2012 CD release of “Back to the Hip Hop”, a collection of previous unfinished work, and new material for the new generation of hip hop fans. Continuing with old school roots, the album involves collaborations with live bands, mixing jazz, R&B grooves and presenting an alternative to today’s hip hop music. An official return to the stage in the spring 2013 will also set up the reunion of Much Finesse at they celebrate 30 years in hip hop and the expected 2014 release of their next album, “Make The Next Move”.

In addition, Ace is currently writing “Hip Hop History” (Volume 2), which documents his hip hop career, and discusses the current state of hip hop today. The book is expected to be released by fall, 2014.