D-Railed was formed in early Spring 2005. By that Summer of 2005 the original line up was performing live and getting great responses in St.Louis. By winter 2005 the band had its first EP “Screams of Innocence” ready to record. In early 2006 the band hooked up with Steve Ewing (The Urge) to produce the recording sessions. The freshman EP went on to sell over 5,000 copies. The follow up sophomore EP -“The Fallen” – was recorded in 2008 at Trailer Studios with former Modern Day Zero members at the helm. “The Fallen” was pushed to over 200 radio stations in 2009 by Randy Sadd of Protocol Entertainment with many positive results, including reaching no. 1 in several college, internet and smaller radio stations across the country.
In 2011 the band travelled to Boston to record 3 new songs with producer David Adam Monroe. With his unorthodox style of producing David was able to challenge the guys and push them further to do something truly great. D-Railed hit the road in late 2011, doing independent tours. Including coast to coast road trips and many, many weekend trips. 2014 started off with a bang for D-Railed with many new sponsors and endorsements. Premier drums, Saluda cymbals, WOC guitars and Sure Fuck cologne to name just a few. With new management on board in Shadow Entertainment Media, and a new album being tracked,the fall of 2014 is shaping up to be the bands biggest ever!
For more information on D-Railed, it’s members and what they are up to, please visit – www.d-railed.net


We like to believe our music speaks for itself. We come from various backgrounds, all defined by different musical tastes. This allows us to always push each other to develop our sound. Our goal to create music we are proud of and other people enjoy to play. No cookie cutter, cereal box songs or lyrics come from D-Railed. What you see is what you get, it doesn’t get more real then this.

Get wrecked with D-Railed and you’ll understand why this train won’t be stopped.

Genre Alternative Rock/Metal

Members Tim Standridge (Lead Vocals), Jay Two Shay (Bass), Brian Casanover (Drums), Justin Ruesch (Rhythm Guitar)

Hometown St. Louis Missouri

Record Label Unsigned

General Manager Shadow Entertainment Media

Influences Life, love, hate, joy

Current Location Everywhere

Contact Info

Email drailedstl@gmail.com

Website http://www.d-railed.net

Press Contact Bobby Siekkinen

Booking Agent bsiekkinen@shadowentertainmentmedia.com