Dealy Plaza



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New album: “Provoke The Human” will be available on 5/20/14 via We Are Triumphant!
“Erupting onto the scene with the voracity and lethality of a lead shell from the heated barrel of Florida’s heavy music community, Dealey Plaza are punishing, politically-driven and, above all, pissed. Formed in 2012, this furious Fort Myers Four-piece joins the ranks of Remembering Never and King Conquer in the supreme echelons of socially-conscious, soul-shredding and skin-rending heavy musicians. By combining skull-piercing vocals, machine-gun blast-beats, steamrolling bass tones and riffs so sharp, they sound as if they are crafted from razor wire, Dealey Plaza take all of the deathcore must-haves, kick them up a notch (or ten) and combine them with a tangible, human element that snares the listeners ears like a rabbit in a trap.
Like all great legends, however, Dealey Plaza began small—with the release of a self-titled EP that garnered them well-deserved and hard-earned notoriety in their local scene. National infamy was soon to follow with the Summer 2013 release of their debut full-length The Masonic Diaries. With an arsenal of awe-inspiring tracks under their belt, these furious Floridians set out on a war with the nation’s ears in their crosshairs. In Spring of 2014, months after the release of the oppressively heavy single, “Altered,” Dealey Plaza announced their signing with Massachusetts-based We Are Triumphant Records, bringing their severe and sensational style of no-holds-barred deathcore to The Herd. With the late-May release of their Sophomore EP, Provoke the Human and a summer of relentless touring, Dealey Plaza are poised to stage a coup d’etat on fans of crushing music across not just the nation, but the entire globe.” – Connor Welsh, New-Transcendence



Basic Info

Genre Metal

Members Bryan Long – Vocals
Jesse Kirkbride – Guitars
Troy Sinatra – Bass
Ryley Dipaola – Drums

Record Label We Are Triumphant

General Manager Jesse Kirkbride –

Current Location Fort Myers, Florida