Demons (Mae guitarist) join Spartan Records

Virginia Beach's Demons have signed with Spartan Records for the release of their debut EP, Great Dismal, which is due out June 16. The six-track effort is available for pre-order now. 

Demons are headed by longtime Mae guitarist Zach Gehring. “Over the years it's just been a nagging desire. I'd dismiss it for periods of time, but then it would come back to me,” he says in regards to the band as a whole. “I wanted to see if I could do it. I knew I had ideas and a desire to give some sort of voice to them, also, and most crucially, they were not ideas that could be developed in Mae. I wanted to do something harder, less crafted, something more abrasive. Conceptually, or lyrically, I was more interested in problematizing myself and throwing tacks on the road, so to speak.”

The artwork and track listing for Great Dismal can be found below.

Track listing:

1. There Is No Reward
2. Lenora Slaughter
3. Godless Girls
4. Radical Cure
5. Parallel Lines
6. Quietly Waiting