Drastic Park



  • John Stokes (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Chris Tannahill (Bass, Vocals)
  • Jordan Ley (Drums)
Hometown: Melbourne, AU
Record Label: Independent

Drastic Park is a 3-piece Punk Rock band from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Growing up in the late 90s and early 00s, the boys from Drastic Park are all about creating music that pays unashamed homage to their favorite artists of that era.
The band’s gritty vocal verses and hard-hitting choruses are encompassed by ethereal open-octave guitar riffs, punchy drums and booming bass chords, bringing together Drastic Park’s sound in a way that makes it both new and nostalgic at the same time.


Anyone old enough to remember living through the turn of the millennium knows it can all feel like a lifetime ago now.Whether you were hopelessly hoping to score a kiss with your New Year’s crush, chilling with family and friends watching fireworks, trying to get the hang of your first mobile phone, anxiously awaiting the end of the world with the “Y2K bug”, feeling like an outcast when nobody wanted to catch up with you over the school holidays, or even just fighting with your parents; frustrated about being too young to stay up past midnight. Twenty years on, as distant as it all seems at times, there’s one thing everyone who lived through it can relate to. We’re all capable of being triggered by certain smells, sights and sounds that send us back on epic, fleeting trips into the deepest nostalgia of adolescence.


When you listen to Drastic Park’s music, you’ll be sent on an unrivalled blast to the past where you can relive adolescent encounters like these all over again. But this time, close your eyes and know you’re free to do it all in your very own way. Kiss your crush, spend more time chilling with the best people you’ve ever known, introduce your new phone to your old brick and see if they hit it off, experience the end of the world just like you imagined it, be the cool kid hosting the big New Year’s party for once, or even just tell your parents where to go; you’ve seen them in the future and they’re way too old to stay up after midnight anyway!


Do take heed though, there’s no guarantee your life will ever be the same when you open your eyes again afterwards.


We “like the ones who say they listen to the punk rock”. So, if that’s you, whatever your guilty millennial pain or pleasure, press play and let Drastic Park be the next big trigger taking you back there to reminisce like never before!