Dream Aria

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Dream Aria is a Toronto band who offers a blend of traditional progressive rock music with new prog, world music, goth, ambient & classical to their fans. For more info, please visit the offical Myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/dreamariacanada
Genre Rock / Progressive Rock / World Music/Ambient/Goth/Epic

Members Current Members:

Don Stagg-Composer, Co-Producer, Keyboards
Garry Flint-Composer/Co-Producer/Drums/Engineer
Andrew Berezowsky-Guitar
Ann ‘Aria’ Burstyn, Vocals/Lyrics

Guest Guitarists on “Fallen Angel”:
Mark Crossley, Tim Welch, Kurt Schefter, Mark M. McLay, Rob Masiokas & Mike Phelps

*Special thanks to the awesome guitarists that recorded on our previous cds, Jozef Pilasanovic (“In The Wake-2005, “Transcend”-2008) Steve Agelakos (“Transcend”). Thanks also to Kurt Schefter & Tim Welch for their amazing contributions on “Transcend”!*

Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Record Label Independent

General Manager Don Stagg

Influences Too many to list right now!

Current Location Toronto

Contact Info

Website http://www.dreamaria.com

Press Contact Don Stagg, Ann Burstyn

Booking Agent Don Stagg