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Drop Goblin Releases The Most Controversial EDM Track Of 2014!



April 14, 2014 – EDM’s Neighborhood Punk Ass has made his declaration of war against the growing mainstream EDM Industry and Culture with the release of “One Jaded Asshole”, not only decrying the dominance of generic label releases and outlandish fashion, but calling out one of EDM’s ‘biggest’ names. To find out who’s found his way into Drop Goblin’s sights, take a listen.

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EDM and the Shitbags that think they own it are about to get a dose of harsh, brutal truth. We stay silent no more.” Drop Goblin

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About Drop Goblin:

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Known as “EDM’s Neighborhood Punk Ass”, Metalstep DJ & Producer Drop Goblin, has absolutely no shame in speaking his mind and telling you how he feels about the corporate mainstream takeover of dance music. That, along with a full catalog of Heavy Metal influenced Dubstep releases; one could say that he’s the anti-everything that has to do with the current Electronic Dance Music generation. Don’t expect a happy ‘hand heart” experience when you step onto the dance floor during a Drop Goblin performance. Instead, expect to clench your fists hard and step into the pit.