From Slaves To Kings




From Slaves To Kings

From Slaves To Kings is a high energy band that has a great audio fingerprint,
not your average rock band you see in a night club.
Great stage show performance, a new cutting edge sound, descriptive lyrics
and energetic delivery are some of the staples of this progressive rock band.
After a mini tour in Los Angles California, at the Famous Whisky A Go Go, FSTK was informed that they were the Winners of the 2011 Indy Music Awards, People’s Choice Award for best Rock Band and Best Vocalist-Jason Coahran(sponsored by the Colorado Independent)

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Started 2011

Genre Hard Rock/Metal

Members Jason Coahran-Lead Vocals
Parker Moore-Lead Guitar Music Arrangement
Luke Moore-Rhythm Guitar Music Arrangement
Patrick Madsen-Percussion Drums Back up Vocals
Trent Parsons-Bass/ Back up vocals

Hometown Denver Colorado

Record Label Unsigned/Manged and Produced by Allen Madsen CMP Productions.

General Manager Allen Madsen 936-232-2038

Current Location Colorado

Contact Info


Press Contact Allen Madsen 936-232-2038

Booking Agent Allen Madsen 936-232-2038