Full Body Tones

FBT Grafittie

  • Genre

    Alternative/Modern Rock
  • Band Members
    Joe Fulton: Guitar & Vocals
    Craig Sullivan: Bass & Vocals
    Willy Freebody: Drums
  • Hometown
    Lexington, KY
  • Record Label
    Long Island Records
  • Short Description
    FBT is a high-energy rock band with a passion to perform and share their music. Joe, Willy and Craig will rock you, entertain you, and make you smile.
  • Long Description
    When it comes to modern rock, the Full Body Tones are a fresh new band based out of Lexington, Kentucky. This is a band that is set to make some serious noise in the industry. With driving guitar riff’s, and exquisite harmonies FBT brings new creativity to a genre in need of some new blood. It seems the song writing never ends….the band is constantly in the creative mode working on material to please their fans! At the rate that they are going, the Full Body Tones will soon be a household name. 

  • Bio
    The Full Body Tones came to be when small town drummer, Willy Freedbody, met big city musician, Joe Fulton. Willy had just got back from a yearlong national tour with a county artist on the LIR label. LIR Records had recently discovered Joe. The pair started playing some of Joe’s original material for fun in the studio. With the addition of Ryne Brashear on bass FBT was born.
  • Current Location
    Lexington Ky
  • General Manager
    Wil Freebody
  • Website
  • Booking Agent

    Dave Hufana 859-335-8550 Office, 615-397-1171 Cell