Girl On Fire


Hailed by The Aquarian Weekly for their “radio friendly sound that still maintains its roots in dark alternative rock,” Girl On Fire continues to rock the scene with their current release Not Broken. Tracks like “Reminds Me Of You” and “Break These Chains” resonate with the depth that characterizes Not Broken, the first a heartfelt and passionate look at the stain that lingers from a past relationship, and the latter a racing rocker that is already a staple in the band’s live shows, a powder keg of pure release and unbridled freedom. “Losing My Identity” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt lost, “Ready To Fight” is the adrenaline rush that follows when one finds that missing sense of direction and purpose, and “Run” offers a jarring acoustic finale to the album – all three tracks embracing the reoccurring spirit that flows through Not Broken.

Produced and mixed by Jay Baumgardner [Papa Roach, Evanescence, Sevendust] and mastered by Howie Weinberg [Nirvana, Aerosmith, The White Stripes], Not Broken is a combustible combination of crisp riffs and body-shaking rhythms, a guitar-driven thrill ride primed to take radio by storm and leave the world rocking in its wake.

“Everyone experiences ups and downs life, but the ups and downs are what make life worth living,” says Held. “We have all looked broken, and we have all felt broken – but we are not broken.”

Formed in the summer of 2007, Girl On Fire founding members Austin Held, guitarist Nick McMahon, bassist Josh Mouser and drummer Harry MacDonald have made good use of their time together, developing a sound and spirit all their own and a live chemistry that is undeniable. Repeat winners of local Ernie Ball battles of unsigned bands, the band’s first taste of the big stage came on a Seattle Warped Tour stop – and they haven’t stopped since, capturing early tours with the likes of Burn Halo, Hell Or Highwater and Get Scared on the legs of a 5-track Revenge EP.

Setting up Not Broken, 2013 already saw the band on runs with live powerhouses including Buckcherry, Filter and Otherwise, in a marquee slot on the inaugural JVC Mobile Entertainment Plugged In Tour: Road To Sturgis, and also on the Aftershock, Welcome To Rockville and Fort Rock festivals. In July 2013, touring guitarist Nicholas Wiggins (formerly of Aiden) was officially added as a full-time member of the band, giving Girl On Fire a dual-guitar attack and helping take their already high-octane shows to greater heights.

Catch Girl On Fire live this summer on various Seattle and Los Angeles show dates which can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

“Taking STORY OF THE YEAR’s anthemic punch, TRUST COMPANY’s vocal melodies, later EIGHTEEN VISIONS swagger, and a bunch of early LINKIN PARK sneer, this is big shiny rock purposely built for radio… they are damn effective at what they do.” —Outburn

“This album is everything you could want in a rock album and more… The album’s debut single ‘The Takedown’ could stand high atop the pedestal with the likes of many of the active rock hits from the past decade.” —New Transcendence (10/10)

“GIRL ON FIRE’s energy gushes through the speakers when ‘Not Broken’ is properly cranked. ┬áIt is the type of album that makes you yearn to see the band live. …if GIRL ONFIRE can replicate the feel of their debut album in the live environment, it is certain to be a scorching good time for all in attendance.” —Helping Hands Rock Reviews

Not Broken Track listing:

  1. The Takedown

  2. Reminds Me Of You

  3. Losing My Identity

  4. One Step Away

  5. Monster

  6. Automatic Hurt

  7. Believe

  8. Ready To Fight

  9. Break The Chains

  10. Cut

  11. Not Broken

  12. Run

The debut album was released September 3 and is available digitally via iTunes and Amazon,

in record stores nationwide, and in exclusive bundles via