Her Name Echoes


Band Members

  • Vocals/Joseph Demirjian
  • Bass/Peter Cortés
  • Guitar/Qusai Asaad
  • Guitar/Billy Shank
  • Drums/Ryan Kemmer

Hard rock from Tucson, AZ. Members consist of Joseph Demirjian (Singer), Billy Shank (Guitar), Qusai Asaad (Guitar), Peter Cortés (Bass), and Ryan Kemmer (Drums). The band was started in Summer of 2015 after three members of The Getaway Mile (Tucson, Punk Rock) wished to explore a more theatrical sound after few founding members of that group had left Tucson for career opportunities after graduating from the University of Arizona and began other music projects themselves. Using their local connections in Tucson, HNE grew quickly bringing their original TGM fanbase as well as capturing new audiences along the way. The band’s local following exploded after the release their first single “Innocence” in Jan 2015 which gave the band the opportunity to play for the Battle of KFMA and gain radio airplay. Since that time, the band has released another single “Flatline” along with the rest of their full album in late December of 2016. Their theatrical, dark, heavy, and radio-friendly sound and energetic live performance is a must see. This is rock music that all music fans can enjoy and worth a listen, even if you may not enjoy rock music. Their music shows passion in every note and melody that is both inviting and infectious. They hope to play larger concerts, continue to make music, and share their sound with Tucson music lovers and the rest of the world.