Infinite Earths

Infinite Earths - Spiral From Spacetime - cover


Infinite Earths is an experimental / progressive black metal project that was formed in 2012 by guitarist Ken Reda as an outlet to contrast the blackened doom metal project he was involved in at the time, Fire in the Cave.

“…brutal riffing gives way to eerie atmospheres and silken bass lines.. ..The rarity this embodies – the combination of thought provoking material and brutally heavy instrumental – is mind altering…””
– Sorrow Eteranl Blog

“While often a technical aggressive force, they frequently pause and unwind into ethereal arcs and spacey ascensions, sometimes building up into restrained non-poppy singing and piano passages that never come across in a contrived manner.” – Austin Weber of No Clean Singing

“[Infinite Earths] hits like a mechanized typhoon. The band claims doom metal, black metal and grindcore as their style, but the reality is that there’s just nothing clear enough to pinpoint as the style. The distorted vocals sound as if their locked in a cage and the spastic instrumentation boils around like a hot plate of “apoplectic” rage, as the narrator of “When the World Was Infringed Upon” informs us.”

– Robert Miller of