Inner Image


Inner Image is an American Nu Metal/Hard Rock band from Houston, TX. As of 2014, the band consists of Carlos Gutierrez (vocals), Robert Guerrero (lead guitar), Ino Garcia (guitar), Brady Wink (bass), and Pablo Cerda (drums). Formed in 2009, Inner Image started playing in the Houston underground music scene and climbed the walls of popularity and head bangers respect alike. Currently unsigned to a label; Inner Image released their début album on March 29th 2013. The band has shared the stage with mainstream bands such as Fuel, Earshot, Dokken and Adema thus gaining them a large fan base and a stage presence not to be underestimated. To date, the band continues to work on a second album with goals of playing in and around the U.S. and around the world.
Music and lyrics
Carlos wanted Inner Image to have such a wide variety of style that could fit any mood. The music captures emotional depth to it’s peak potential and is transformed into words and sounds. The lyrics are based on a personal experience and are viewed from 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspectives. Combined with hypnotic riffs, bass bombs and mad beats, Inner Image shows the fans of rock music a different aspect on how to release your inner self. The name Inner Image was created in order to show your true colors, good or bad, weak or strong. Listen closely as they reveal your inner most thoughts and expose your secrets within.

Basic Info

Genre Hard Rock

Members Carlos Gutierrez – vocals
Ino Garcia – Guitar
Rob Guerrero – Guitar
Brady Wink – Bass
Pablo Cerda – Drums

Hometown Houston

Record Label None

Current Location Houston, TX

Contact Info


Websites http://www.innerimagemusic.com

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Press Contact Carlos – Email: /Phone: (832) 971-3584

Booking Agent Carlos – Email: /Phone: (832) 971-3584