INVSN (pronounced “invasion”) is a band from Umea, Sweden.

Let’s start from the beginning. Well, almost at least. We are a band. We hail from the more isolated parts of northern Sweden. We played in bands before and we’ve played together much longer than this new moniker. We are 5 friends that dabble in post-punk/dystopic pop or some brand of alternative rock music. We did a couple of records in our native tounge under the name of Invasionen but when we decided to take this globally we felt that a change in language and a new name would be in place. Welcome to our world, we really hope that you do enjoy it as much as we do.

The people in the band are the following:
Dennis Lyxzen – Vocals and Guitar. (Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Lost Patrol Band, AC4, The Bloody Beetroots Church of Noise and more).

Sara Almgren – Bass and Vocals. (The Doughnuts, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Vicious, Masshysteri)

Anders Stenberg – Guitar and Keyboards. (Deportees, Lykke Li, The Lost Patrol band)

Andre Sandström – Drums and Percussion. (Ds-13, The Vicious, The Lost Patrol Band, Ux Vileheads and more)

Richard Österman – Guitar and Keyboards. (the token new guy)

Basic Info

Started 2013

Members Dennis Lyxzen – Vocals
Sara Almgren – Bass & Vocals
Anders Stenberg – Guitar & Keyboards
Andre Sandström – Drums & Percussion
Kajsa Bergsten – Guitar & Vocals
Christina Karlsson – Keyboard & Vocals
Richard Österman – Guitar& Keyboards

Hometown Umea, Sweden

Record Label Razor & Tie

General Manager Morgan Johansson and Mike Mowery


Contact Info