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What Is ​”Magic That Rocks”? 

Let’s be honest, the last thing anyone cares about at a Rock Show is a magician! Fancy 
costumes, brightly painted boxes, lame dance moves to Cirque du Soleil­-style music…please! But, take a North Carolina-bred Hard Rocker tweaking on heavy doses of Motley Crüe and give that guy the sleight-­of-hand dexterity of a big city street hustler with skills that most states have outlawed; and this just got very interesting! 
”I personally know a lot of magicians”, explained Godsmack frontman Sully Erna backstage at the 2015Carolina Rebellion. “I know Criss [Angel] and the top Vegas guys. Joel Givens is sick, bro!”, Erna giggled. “I mean, this f%c$ing guy is seriously the most amazing sleight-­of-­hand magician on the planet!” 
Sully and drummer Shannon Larkin had just witnessed Joel’s performance of the creepy Shadow Coinseffect literally inches from their faces. “I was watching, man”, says Larkin; “I’m not kidding! I was watching him…. Nothing!”, he laughs. “I have no idea. It was just insane. That thing he did with my name on the dollar bill? No f%c$ing clue, man!” Shannon was speaking about Joel’s mind numbing feat of borrowing a dollar bill and then visually moving the seal from one end to the other and then ending it all with the return of the bill, NOW magically printed with the Rockstar’s name permanently affixed where the U.S. Treasury Signature once was.


Joel Givens, talked about amongst the stars of screen, sports and music; likeGodsmack, Pat Benatar, Michael Jordan, Yes, Dan Akroyd, ZZ­Top, Kevin Costner, Train, Third Eye Blind, Like A Storm, Peyton Manning, Alice Cooper and others as the “Magic That Rocks”, is a triple-threat. Not only is he an Award Winning Magician, but he’s a brilliant comedian and music trivia encyclopedia! “I’m coming for you, Eddie Trunk!”, Joel snickers as he tells a reporter for the local news covering the Pat Benatar show where he’ll later be performing for the Rock Legend backstage. “It’s a dream of mine to perform for Eddie and a couple of his music guests on VH-1’s That Metal Show​. I’m a huge fan!” Which is exactly why his precision, and extremely mind­-lethal artform fit PERFECTLY at ANY Rock Show. He is a fan first, and brilliant performer as a result of! 
You see, magic is NOT in the eye of the beholder; it’s in the hands of Joel Givens!

Experience Joel Givens and ​Magic That Rocks backstage, at VIP After-Parties and introducing some of the biggest acts in Rock music on a stage near you soon. With upcoming performances for Scorpions, Trapt, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lita Ford, Bulletboys, Pop Evil, Rob Zombie, KIX, and others planned before the end of summer 2015, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to feast your ears and eyes on the best the genres have to offer!

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IMG 2229

Joel Givens with Like A Storm

IMG 2250

Joel Givens With Stryper

Photo- Benatar-Giraldo Great Reaction Pic

Joel Givens Performing for Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

IMG 2186

Joel Givens Performing for Sully Erna of Godsmack

IMG 2185

Sully Erna Shocked by Joel’s Signature Dollar Bill Trick


Joel performing for basketball legend Michael Jordan

Photo- Third Eye Blind - Stephan is blown the fuck away

Joel Givens Performing for Third Eye Blind

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Joel Givens – Magic That Rocks: “Ring Flight” Performance For Godsmack’s Sully Erna

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