Kill The Soya


KILL THE SOYA is a Slovak alternative-metal formation currently based in the UK. The band was formed in 2010 as a studio project, when the two founding members, Radovan Dragun and Jozef Mikula, both with a long-year experience in multiple bands and undertakings, decided to launch a new mutual project. The new project was to be different from all the prior musical work of both musicians.

The project was given the name KILL THE SOYA. Though the members of the band decided not to pursue any specific musical genre or style, their sound gradually and very naturally crystallized into “alternative metal” influenced by very heterogeneous mix of musical preferences and styles of both musicians. This variety, ranging from jazz through electronic music to rock and metal (and their extreme branches), is strongly reflected in the emerging songs. The first song Illuminati was finished in 2011 and essentially served the purpose of a “test drive”. Since the recording and studio realization of the ideas and visions exceeded the band’s expectations, three more songs were produced in 2011: Circles and Cages, Braille part 1 and Singularity. At the end of 2011, KTS returned to the studio and published all of the above songs, including “Illuminati”, on its official website and social networking sites.

In the first half of 2012, the band focused on promotion and media coverage of their work. The KTS songs found their place in the playlists of many internet and regular radio stations, including BBC, 525 Power Tracks, Area51RockShow and Thread Con Radio, not only in the UK, but also in many other countries. The band also worked on its first video for the song Circles and Cages, which was shot in the summer of 2012 in four different locations close to the hometown of both musicians. KTS invited the drummer Radoslav Sido, at that time living and playing in several bands in Czech Republic, to take part in the shooting of the video. During the works on Circles and Cages, Sido became the third, external member of KTS. Upon completion, the video was published on the official website of the band, social networking site and YouTube. The responses and feedback were very positive. The video was picked up, among others, by music television MUSIQ1. KTS spent the rest of 2012 focusing on its presentation and preparation of presentation materials. At the same time, the band prepared the release of its first EP, which contained the four mentioned tracks and Circles and Cages video. At the end of 2012, two of the KTS songs, Illuminati and Singularity, were chosen for the soundtrack of a new Slovak movie. The band also started working on its second video for the song Illuminati.

The preparation of the release of KTS’s first EP, due to a lot of new material, has changed to preparation of KTS’s first regular album. The band is currently in their final stage of preparing for studio recordings that is gonna happen at the end of march 2014. Finishing touches are being made on the graphics of the cover and the CD. The band is also working on some new songs and is pursuing the transformation of KILL THE SOYA into a performing stage band.


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