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“I think it was around the time that our manager said ‘What the f*&%k is wrong with you? Can you not handle being in a band? Do we need to find someone else? Are you a man or a mouse?’ that I realized I needed to get out,” Danny Schmitz says of his former band that had a “big time” manager who promised to get them a major label deal within 18 months. “He had managed multi-platinum selling bands and for the management contract signing he took the band (and our girlfriends) to the most expensive, fanciest restaurant I’d ever been to. I thought this was it! We’ve finally made it.”

Schmitz quit that band and wrote the lead single off Lost In A Name’s EP “Poison” about the toxic situation.

Lost In A Name has been guitarist/vocalist Danny Schmitz’ brain child since high school. 16 member changes and 7 years later, Lost In A Name has settled into a polished, 2 piece, heavy rock outfit. Drummer Geoff Slater teamed up with Schmitz about a year ago and his power and flair easily complement Schmitz’ technical prowess and showmanship. Delivering a dynamic live show filled with hook-driven melodies with fist-pumping authority while accompanied by a coordinated light show at every concert, the two rockers have put together an arena experience in a rock club setting.

Drummer Geoff Slater had all but given up finding a band that he could feel comfortable in. After the band that he moved out to LA with spent 6 months living out of their van and attempting to tour the region, he quit and moved back to Milwaukee. Slater started his own construction company, found a lady, had a couple kids and bought a house. Although construction was paying the bills and feeding his family, it was doing nothing for his soul. He began looking for a new musical project. Responding to an ad on MilwaukeeRocks.com he landed an audition for Lost In A Name during one of 2012’s epic blizzards. Showing up on time to the rehearsal space almost secured him the spot even before he played a note, but by the end of the audition it was clear Schmitz found his drummer and Slater had found his project.

Over the past year Danny Schmitz and Geoff Slater have settled into an undeniable rock duo. Well respected in the underground Wisconsin metalcore scene, they are beginning the next phase of Lost In A Name. Together, these two are tearing up clubs around the region and will soon be known around the world.

Founded 2006

Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53223

Genre Rock

Members Vocals/Guitar – Danny Schmitz
Drums/Percussion – Geoff Slater

Hometown Milwaukee, WI

Record Label Wookietree Records

Gender Plural (male)

Personal Interests Music. Mexican Food.Hugs.Learning.Life

Influences Thrice, Anberlin, Story Of The Year, Rise Against, Coeed and Cambria, Foo Fighters, Four Year Strong, the list goes on, and on, and on…..

Current Location Milwaukee, WI

Contact Info

Email info@lostinaname.com

Website http://lostinaname.com