Mac Sabbath Brings “Drive-Thru Metal” to Tucson

mac sabbath

“Better than Chic-fil-AC/DC, Dairy Queensryche, and Burger King Diamond put together!”

-KFCC DeVille



Slayer McCheese, Grimalice, and Ronald Osborne July 11 at Club Congress in Tucson, Arizona

Like Black Sabbath? Hate fast food companies? Mac Sabbath is for you. Formed in Los Angeles in 2014, they are the self-proclaimed kings of “Drive-Thru Metal” and are a sight to behold. They play Black Sabbath classics, reworked with anti-fast food

lyrics. “Sweet Leaf” becomes “Sweet Beef”, “Children of the Grave” becomes “Chicken of the Slaves”, and “Faeries Wear Boots” morphs into “Cherries Are Fruits”. Musically the songs are faithful and rocking versions, delivered in hysterical tongue-in-cheek fashion. It is more than slightly confusing to hear such badass music played by such…Well…Clowns…

Mac Sabbath consists of singer Ronald Osborne, guitarist Slayer McCheese, Grimalice on bass, and The Catburglar, a hybrid of The Hamburglar and Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

I caught their act July 11 in Tucson. I’ve loved Black Sabbath for most of my life, my twelfth birthday party was a trip

Ronald Osborne

Ronald Osborne

to see them (with Ronnie James Dio on vocals) at the Cow Palace near San Francisco. I was intrigued when I heard about Mac Sabbath, but unsure of what to expect. They certainly lived up to any expectations I might have had.

They took the stage to a creepy remix of Stephen Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns” and opened up with “War Pigs”…I mean “More Ribs”…The stage was festooned with hilariously disturbing fast food imagery, from their two large, inflatable skeleton clowns with laser beams emitting from their eyes, to the the maniacal clown heads that breathed fog, to the burger-covered “grill” that Osborne worked throughout the show.

The band’s costumes were too funny, particularly Grimalice’s purple “Grimace meets Alice Cooper” getup. Osborne has carefully cultivated Ozzy Osborne’s onstage moves and mannerisms and if you’ve seen Ozzy live you can’t fail to see the resemblance, he even worked a bat into the show. He delivered solid vocals from behind his Ronald McDonald-inspired persona and entertained the audience with stories between songs and various antics, including crowd surfing in his gigantic clown shoes. He played spatulas as percussion, quenched audience members’ thirst from large mustard and ketchup bottles, and flipped burgers during their rendition of “Frying Pan” (“Iron Man”).

I thoroughly enjoyed their show. It was original, irreverent, and funny as hell…And they rocked the house. I was notDSC_0109 alone, the Tucson crowd seemed to love it and smiles were all around as we filed out of the historic Hotel Congress.

The true identities of the members of Mac Sabbath are unknown, although they are all from the greater-LA rock scene. I don’t care who they are. I just know they bring the goods and I will be seeing them every chance I get.

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Story and photos by Michael Anderson