Metasoma has a unique blend of culture and style which fuses rock n roll with heavy metal. The group came together in London in late 2009 by two seasoned riff masters Voytek and Michal who were out on the look for someone to take over the frontman position, after quite a search they came across what they thought was the best vocalist they came across; Amro who stepped in after hearing fantastically recorded instrumentals courtesy of Michal, and the team started crafting their special sound since.
   Metasoma has a reputation for winning over the crowd at every venue, having gained a lot of interest from promoters around the UK. The group lives for the live shows and this is evident from the number of concerts they have performed to date as well as their growing loyal fan base. Metasoma are now planning their 2014 endeavors with several new track listings and an album brewing. Fans and music lovers around the globe are in for an exciting ride when Metasoma refines their sound with all new recordings of the existing tracks and of course the fresh new songs.


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