A mixed bunch of punks and metal-heads named MIASMAL have come to give you an unforgettable lesson about pure, unaffected death metal with ‘Cursed Redeemer’, an album featuring four lads churning out brutal music with no mercy, no regrets, no compromises.
“Play first, think later” is how Pontus, singer/guitarist of Gothenburg-based death metal act MIASMAL, consequently summarizes the band’s philosophy that took them from a late night discussion about classic 90’s death metal back in 2007 to a lauded self-recorded album to a worldwide signing with Century Media Records. Pontus recalls: “Magnus (guitars) and I preferred the rockier death metal, focused on groove and songs, and we had talked about starting to play together for a while. One afternoon, I wrote our first song ‘Abduction of the Soul’ (included on the 2008 tape demo) as an experiment. I played it to Magnus, we recruited our first drummer, Micke, and the band was formed. After a couple months, Ruben joined in on bass. In 2011, Björn joined the band on drums since Micke wasn’t into the idea of doing long tours, and that is our line-up to the very day.”
MIASMAL’s first recordings spread the band’s name quickly through the channels of the underground, establishing them as a future hope for unrelenting, authentic death metal. With their strong connections to the crust/punk scene (due to sharing members with Agrimonia and Martyrdöd), US tour, and Euro trek through 11 countries in 3 weeks, the buzz around the quartet only greatened. Upon the release of 2011’s self-titled debut album, MIASMAL had already set themselves apart from current crust/death metal hybrids, such as Nails, All Pigs Must Die, and Black Breath. “I must say we never really saw us as a part of any tradition,” comments Pontus. “When we started the band, the goal was to simply play old school death metal under influence from Autopsy, Entombed, Bolt Thrower and the likes. Eventually we realized it’s probably a tad of early Disfear in there, too. We weren’t really aware at all about what was going on around us in the metal scene, and it just turned out the way it did. The d-beat thing is pretty prevalent on a lot of old DM albums, but I guess we took it a bit further than most.”
Recorded in no more than 7 days at the mighty Studio Fredman, MIASMAL’s 2nd opus, ‘Cursed Redeemer’, continues the band’s aim of unleashing straight-forward death metal upon the masses. “We never wanted that HM-2 guitar sound, it’s not for us, and it has also been overdone so much!” says Pontus. “We rely on loud tube amps and Gibson guitars, so I guess a more ‘rock’ sound suits us much better. I also think Studio Fredman is really good at bringing out the best in a band’s sound, without changing too much. Overall we are very happy with the album. It really represents a lot for me personally and it’s been quite cathartic to get it out of the system.”
Thematically, MIASMAL’s lyrics give a bleak vision of the future, which is symbolized in the striking cover artwork by Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vampire). Pontus explains: “The omega symbol is used to denote the last, the end. Turning it upside down can be seen as a parallel to the paradox of a cursed redeemer. For example, technology: it is believed to be a blessing to humanity, but it can also be seen as a bringer of an inevitable downfall, due to our dependence on it and the way it bleeds the resources and changes our surroundings. It symbolizes the paradoxes of human life and our failure to see a bigger picture. The baby in the painting can be seen as the personification of this. It doesn’t want to be born from the womb made up of technological, industrial waste and weapons, but inevitably it will and shall bring its cursed redemption unto the world.”
MIASMAL, however, is a blessing for the metal community– not a curse. Their unique brand of death metal is a breath of fresh air, bringing the genre back to its roots. Pontus adds, “I view MIASMAL more as a rock’n’roll band in that aspect. We don’t care much for all the extravagancies, and we have never been interested in using religious or occult themes in our music, or wearing masks and stuff. It just doesn’t suit MIASMAL. We might throw in some pyrotechnics if the opportunity arises though, haha.”
‘Cursed Redeemer’ (37:09)
1. Cursed Redeemer (04:31)
2. Call Of The Revenant (03:45)
3. Whisky Train (03:55)
4. Excelsior (04:58)
5. A Veiled Remembrance (05:01)
6. Until The Last (04:52)
7. Frozen In Time (04:56)
8. 2013 (05:08)


Björn – drums
Magnus – guitars, backing vocals
Ruben – bass
Pontus – vocals, guitars


s/t demo (2008)
s/t 7” EP (2010)
s/t album (2011)
‘Cursed Redeemer’ (2014)

MIASMAL online: www.miasmal.net

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/miasmal/id465375559