With a singer who draws comparisons such as “a modern day
Janis meets Otep” and a unique blend of aggressive rock
influences MONGREL has been on a roll since their change to a
female singer 3 years ago. Called “the hardest working band in
Boston” (Metal Edge), MONGREL has released 2 EPs and a full
length album since 2010 and is gearing up to release their next EP “Evolution” in early

2014. “Evolution” was recorded by Jim Foster
(POD, Nullset), mixed by Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Otep, Mudvayne,
Evanescence, Soil) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Metallica,
Pantera, Nirvana, The Cult). The lead off track and first single from
the EP entitled “Snakes” is set to be released in October 2013 at
the 10th annual Rock & Shock Festival in Worcester, MA where
Mongrel will share the stage with Danzig, Doyle, Otep, Butcher
Babies, and many more.

Mongrel has toured extensively in the US, repeatedly sharing
stages with rock, metal, and punk luminaries as diverse as
Godsmack, Halestorm, Korn, Gwar, The Misfits, FEAR, Sepultura,
Otep, Fu Manchu, Mindless Self Indulgence, Dizzy Reed
(Guns N’ Roses), Vision of Disorder, Prong, God Forbid, Trashlight
Vision, Piggy D’s Evacuation Plan (Rob Zombie bassist), Warrior
Soul, Hed(pe), All That Remains, Mushroomhead, American Head
Charge, Shadows Fall, etc.

Along the way, Mongrel has earned an impressive collection of
endorsements and sponsorships including Marshall Amps, Peavey,
Monster Cable, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Artist Series
Guitars, Agile Guitars, In Tune Guitar Picks, TRX Cymbals, Cabin
Fever Whiskey, and Cocaine energy drinks. Mongrel had the
RockMyMonkey album of the year in 2010, was named “punk band
of the year” by Pulse Magazine in 2011, was number 6 on the CMJ
‘Most Added” and hit 43 on the CMJ charts in 2012. The video for
“C & 1/2” from their album “Reclamation” was given an exclusive
premiere on in June 2013.


Founded August 2003

Location Address, Boston, Massachusetts

Genre Rock, Metal, Punk

Members Adam Savage – guitar
Jessica Sierra – vocals
Michael Ariza – bass
Mike “Hoagie” Hogan – drums

Hometown Eastern MA

Record Label Immolation Records

Affiliation Mongrel

Awards Sponsored/Endorsed by: Marshall Amps, Peavey, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Monster Cables, In Tune Guitar Picks, Agile Guitars, Cabin Fever Whiskey, Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator, Cocaine Energy Drink, Artist Series Guitars, Supernatural Cymbals

General Manager

Personal Information Mongrel is a female fronted aggressive rock band with metal and punk influences. Mongrel has been called “the hardest working band in Boston” (Metal Edge Magazine), toured with bands such as FEAR, Blitzkid, Trashlight Vision, Michale Graves; shared stages with the MISFITS (9x), Korn, Godsmack, Halestorm, Danzig, GWAR, OTEP, Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies, Butcher Babies, Mindless Self Indulgence, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Vision of Disorder, Prong, Sepultura, One-Eyed Doll, etc.If you’re into bands such as the Misfits, Guns N’ Roses, Otep, Motorhead, old Metallica, The Pretty Reckless, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Amen, etc check us out.

Influences Misfits, Guns N’ Roses, Black Flag, Motorhead, old Metallica, Trashlight Vision, The Bronx, Anthrax, Distillers, L7, Otep, Janis Joplin, The Who, Slipknot, old Manson, Joan Jett, etc.

Current Location Southern NH / Northeastern MA

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