Nate Martin

In 1996 I had started a small website building and hosting company called webstars. We started off slow but it was more of a hobby for me then anything. Shortly after things really started to pick up. We had gained some very large accounts. After building the sites we would be paid to keep them updated, ad news and so on.

“When my eyes were opened to a whole new world”

I was approached by a couple A and R reps. They had a wonderful idea. They wanted a website that would allow bands and artists to create accounts, upload there music, pictures and then it would need to be presented in such a way that front end users could stream the artists music, see there pictures etc (EPK). This was a huge task on my part. Although we got it done and everything functioned perfectly it was just a bit before its time. Then came along a monster site that was funded with huge dollars. They were not just geared towards artists but they were open for everyone. This is when we had to change direction. We took all the music that was uploaded on our site and opened up our online streaming radio. Things were so hard to code back then. Flash was kinda new and if you remember the wonderful dial up connections. It would make people wait to “buffer” all the music so it was not the greatest but it worked. We made it all the way to around 180,000 listeners a month. This was all good but there were not many advertisers willing to jump on board. I mean google was just being started, Cell phones were huge and there was nothing smart about them at this time. Technology was just not there yet. So our funding ran out and we closed down the site.

I went to what I knew best and that was the food business. I opened a couple restaurants, for people, then started a catering company and deli with my family. This went good for a long. I had kids lived the normal family life and then the economy went to hell. We had to close down the deli and catering company. I was fortunate to have met such good people along the way. I had so many job offerings when I told people I was closing our doors. I took a job at a local dragstrip as the food and beverage manager. This was a great deal for me as I only had to physically be there 2 days a week and could focus on other things during the week.

In 2010 I had reopened up and started building websites again. Things had sure changed. Technology has risen to great heights. Again we had big clients, Advertising on the web is huge now so I had to get in on this. Well I have done well again for myself in the web world. I was just plucking along. I never lost all my connections in the music scene so I always attended concerts and met some great new people. In February I was at a Stands With Fists concert and had run into a long time friend Gypsy Nagy. We started talking over some beers. He tells me that he was having meeting about going to Chicago to work at some radio station. I then bring up my experience and tell him about the old radio station I had built with some guys along time ago. I said I would love to do it again. We could do things nowadays that were unheard of back then. So I offered this. I said “Gypsy if I offer to build the site, Fund it and get everything rolling would you be willing to help build a new monster?” I waited about a week or 2. I opened up my Facebook and see a post from him. Says IM IN. It took about 2 weeks for me to get things inline but we were moving forward with this project. We set a launch date for July 2014.

“During our building process”

A week into this we Started . The funny thing about the name was that from being a website guy I new how to buy domain names. This name was from a huge site that dealt with Stocks but the traffic was good, Stats were there for us, The google page rank was inplace and it would get us were we needed to be fast.


Shortly after getting the site built we went ahead and did a facebook page

Things were starting to happen. We contacted a couple people, told them what we were doing and before you know it we have bands submitting music. I made a nice submissions page with a nice form that allowed the bands to fill out all there information. All this information would zip up and email us. Well one day I opened up my email and it was 100% full with about 300 submissions. I was freaking out because I wanted to build pages for every band that submitted music. This was overwhelming to me but at the same time exciting. We now have a whole team of people that have stepped up to help build We have worked so hard and have spent endless hours on this project. It is going so great. We have been picked up by Itunes, Windows Media, among other huge players in the online radio world. is now connected with record companies, Music labels and tons of A/R people. Things for look very promising. We have grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple months and this is just the start. Looking forward I can see us being a huge player in the world of online radio.