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Nothing ADD All consists of guitarist/vocalist Marc Cornejo, Drummer Andy Cornejo, and bassist Julian Lizarraga. The band comes from the suburb of Gilbert Arizona, where they first honed their musical abilities. The band incorporates various rhythmic styles into their music such as punk, ska, reggae, and hardcore. Known for their energetic live shows and quirky antics this band continues to grow and develop an underground following of their own.


“Nothing ADD All is a punk rock band who combines hardcore punk, reggae, and melodically aggressive tones. Their new album ‘Suburban Manarchy’ expresses topics such as political malcontent, introversive angst, and lighthearted optimism.”

Band Interests

Playing shows, getting kicked out of shows, playing shows again but disguised as another band, pretending to care, being told we suck…seriously! It cracks me up. Flaunting our lack of success to our High School friends who have done much better than us.


Genre Punk Rock

Members Marc Cornejo – Lead Guitar, VocalsAndy Carnejo – Drums, Backup VocalsJulian Lizarraga -Bass, Backup Vocals

Hometown Gilbert, AZ

Record Label TMG Records

Gender Male

Influences NOFX, Bad Religion, Nirvana, OLD Green day, bouncing souls, Authority Zero, Rise Against, Bad Brains, Sublime, Social Distortion, Less Then Jake, Flogging Molly, Dead kennedys, The Vandals, Minor Threat, The Specials, Lagwagon and YOUR MOM… to name a few

Current Location Flagstaff, AZ

Contact Info


Press Contact Marc Cornejo

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