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Omar LinX – Road to M.O.R!


March 25, 2014Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Toronto artist and rapper Omar LinX has released 4 unique and original tracks leading up to the release of his much anticipated album, “M.O.R. – Music Or Revenge“, which is scheduled to drop later this year.

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Original Release: 2/18/2014

Downtempo, swing-influenced vocal introduction with a hip-hop beat, and subtle plucks of bass that play well with Omar’s overall mood and flow to his rhymes

Production by Caddy Of The Sky & cuts by Mat The Alien.


Original Release: 2/25/2014

Deep, introspective, and slightly vocal tuned introductory vocals, the song features handfuls of electronic effects, subtly used to make the track beautifully coherent.

Production by Caddy Of The Sky & Hunter Siegel.


Original Release: 3/4/2014

Rise Up” is a track that explodes with glitchy synths balanced by LinX’s inimitable vocal stylings, to produce a definite banger and personal listening favorite for fans of all genres.

Production by Document One & Caddy Of The Sky.


Original Release: 3/11/2014

On the final installment on the Road to M.O.R series, Omar drops a fun, upbeat track that is guaranteed to be a fan favorite. M.O.R coming soon #RoadToMOR!


About Omar LinX:

OL1 July 2013

In an industry and city over saturated with aspiring hip‑hop stars, Omar LinX has created something distinctive and powerful, which is sure to contribute to his success. He has an aptitude for unapologetic introspection and while others lack the ability to articulate it, LinX is able to, creating honest and unique content. LinX is a Toronto rapper who has worked with an impressive roster of artists and producers over the past 10 years. Fans anxiously await new releases from LinX, continually sending new videos and music‑downloads into viral frenzies. LinX’s online media speaks for itself, collectively surpassing over 28 million views. Anticipation continues to mount, and LinX shows no sign of letting up, as we approach the release of “M.O.R – Music or Revenge”.