RIOT 87 - Blackout Station Vol. 01

RIOT 87 Release Film/TV/Game Album: Blackout Station Vol. 01



April 9, 2014 – Serbia – Electronic-Metal duo RIOT 87 has released “Blackout Station Vol. 01,” a collection of fourteen cuts of instrumental mayhem custom built for the worlds of Film, TV, Trailers & Video Games.

RIOT 87 rose to the top of Serbia’s EDM scene before they switched on amps, plugged in guitars, and launched themselves into a new realm of hybrid metal. After destroying seven songs by FiXT artists Celldweller & Blue Stahli on last year’s remix EP “Dubstep With More Muscle,” they have now turned their attention to conquering the world of cinema.

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Proceed with caution. These tracks contain juggernaut riffs and blistering electronics that will blow out every transformer in your neighborhood.

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About RIOT 87

RIOT 87 – a band which can’t be put in one genre. Fusing the tempos from 140bmp dubstep to 180bpm drum’n’bass, with hard-rock guitar riffs and hooligan anthems / 90′ rave synths, Darko and Igor are trying to create their own genre, their own recognizable sound.

Some call them Serbian weapon of mass destruction (, some say they are Pendulum / Noisia / Prodigy’s Serbian children (, but RIOT 87 is just 2 guys band with the intention to rule on rock-bass scene.

After experimenting with psytrance music and having few releases on American and Spanish labels, in 2009 they discovered FiXT Music and made a 180 degree turn. Riding on the massive wave of rock-fueled bass pioneered by British legends, and absorbing every second of Celldweller / Blue Stahli music, RIOT 87 started dropping violent drum’n’bass and dubstep tunes in 2010.

Between the promotion of 2 self-released EPs “Serbian Bassline 1 & 2”, they managed to win 3 remix contest on Indaba Music, big and respectful musician community. After public vote winning, Canadian indie rock band Metric choose RIOT 87 remix for their biggest release to date – “Fantasies Flashback” box deluxe. A few months later, Las Vegas Escape The Fate, signed to Interscope, chose RIOT 87 to remix their track “Issues” from among 150 remixes. In April 2012 they won their 3rd remix contest on Indaba – American Christian heavy metal bend Demon Hunter picked their remix. Beside the money reward they got, RIOT 87 received a new nickname – The Gods of Remix!


With this nickname it wasn’t easy to make a deal and start to work on a remix EP for their favorite label – FiXT Music. The EP, RIOT 87’s dubstep debut, was released on January the 1st 2013 with the symbolic name “DUBSTEP WITH MORE MUSCLE”. The EP is available on all digital stores worldwide.

In May 2013 RIOT 87 released new drum’n’bass EP SWEET NOISE VOL 2 for Las Vegas based record label Bassnutz. And what’s interesting is that all the tracks from that EP were used in numerous gaming and extreme sports video montages. After that EP few artists from USA and France asked RIOT 87 to do official remixes of their music, and one of the released remixes ended on big Beatport compilation WAREHOUSE ANTHEMS.

At the end of 2013 RIOT 87 made few collaborations with some of the biggest Serbian musicians and bands, and that’s how a new idea was born – an album for Serbian market, album in collaboration with Iskaz, Coyote, Eyesburn, Dubioza Kolektiv, Bvana, Sajsi MC, due to be released in April 2014.