New IPO Artist Sam Capolongo

Sam CapolongoSam Capolongo


From: Skillman, NJ
Genre: Rock, Singer/Songwriter,


Members: Sam Capolongo (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals)



Sam is a solo artist who plays a variety of musical instruments. Sam has been composing and recording since age 12. Sam’s likes to portray life stories and messages in his lyrics. The twelve songs on his first CD “Never The Simple Things” were recorded at age sixteen. The title track on his EP “This is Heaven” was written to help increase cancer awareness, proceeds from the EP going to Stand Up To Cancer. His most recent album “All That We Live For” delivers a portrayal of the daily struggles and lessons learned throughout the life of a high school teenager. “Forever Here” was co-written with friend Logan Davis, inspired by their days at Montgomery High School, NJ. Sam is a student at University of Delaware.