Scare Dont Fear

Scare Don't Fear PROMO 2014 (photo credit Danny Worsnop)







SCARE DON’T FEAR know that the world is a hard place – so they make sure they are harder. “Don’t be scared to be different,” says Frankie Screamz, half of the fronting force that propels the Providence, RI, hip-hop/metal powerhouse. “Don’t be afraid to shock people, don’t hold back…”

No one can ever accuse SCARE DON’T FEAR of holding back. They deliver a maelstrom of vocal blast beats and metallic pinings atop an onslaught of kinetic riffs and a penetrating bottom end. It’s a rush of energy so intense and compact, it takes only a split second to understand why they became the first band signed to KBB RECORDS, the new label founded by ASKING ALEXANDRIA guitarist Ben Bruce and his co-manager, Kyle Borman.

“When I look at SCARE DON’T FEAR, I see ASKING ALEXANDRIA when we first started,” says Bruce, whose first release on KBB RECORDS is SCARE DON’T FEAR’s debut album ‘FROM THE GROUND UP’ (June 17, 2014). “I see fresh-faced, hard-working, talented and enthusiastic kids. They are hungry and will stop at nothing in order to succeed. It’s refreshing. They don’t expect everything to be handed to them, they are willing to go the extra mile.”

SCARE DON’T FEAR are willing to go the extra mile, because they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. They know that to succeed in life you need to take chances, and they know that you need to be stronger than the people that will want to hold you down. Hence, the band’s name, a message that is as strong as their music – don’t fear the unknown, let the unknown fear you. “Breaking it down, our name is very simple,” says Chris Jungles, the counterpunch to Screamz’ more manic side. “Yeah, things are going to scare you, but never fear what’s coming in your direction.”

Just one listen to ‘FROM THE GROUND UP’ and you’re gripped by an album that defies categorization – this isn’t suburban hip-hop, and it’s not mall metal. This is raw emotion delivered with brute force and no compromise. There’s an electronic pulse that careens through opening track “Shut It Down,” enough to remind us that as long as the heart can beat, we can bleed. The results are unyielding, and the effects are profound – this isn’t about being fashionable, it’s about being real, pure, and unfiltered.

“City Of Skeletons” is the band’s epic, haunting take on being stuck in a bad situation, a rough patch, and doing what you can to overcome it – are you going to run, or fight? Clench your fists, because SCARE DON’T FEAR don’t run. “Someone To Talk To” offers one of the album’s deeper moments, a hip-hop track that focuses on the lyrics, born in a dark place and held onto for the band’s full-length debut. On the flipside, closing track “Problems” is heavy as hell, offering a crazy bounce and a tempo that makes you move, lifting the spirit to confident heights.
While most of the guys have been friends since middle school, SCARE DON’T FEAR took their sound to the next level at a house party, where Screamz, guitarist Joe Auger and drummer/beat master Larry Ohh were jamming and joined onstage by Jungles. Bassist Ryan Grandmaison joined the fold soon after and, while the rest isn’t history – at least not yet – art and passion have since converged in a fiery wash of metal, old-school hip hop, dance and d-gent. What happens when deathcore meets System Of A Down and Linkin Park? “It doesn’t matter the genre, a good song is a good song,” decrees Screamz.
“We worked on ‘FROM THE GROUND UP’ for seven months,” says Screamz. “The album tells the story of how we came up – from how we started, to where we are now, to where we want to go. It’s about the struggles, and it’s about the good times.” Continues Jungles: “It all comes together now, because everything we do is making us happy – we want people to feel what we feel. We are fans writing music.”
“We are students of the game,” sums Screamz, “now we just get to play in the game”.