Sea Of Trees



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We’re a two-man project with the simple goal of creating music we love that we can share with people who love it too. Our newest album Envision is available for FREE at and its just the beginning, so give us a “like” and stay tuned for more updates!

Guitars / Drums / Bass / Mastering: Brandon McKagan
Vocals / Mastering: Ryan Strain

DAW: ReaperDrums: Steven Slate

Guitars: Ibanez RGA121 Prestige, BOSS ME-50B, Line 6 UX2

VST’s: EWQLSO, Nexus 2, Absynth 5, DAMAGE, Evolve Mutations 1-2
Mixer: Behringer Europower PMP 2000

Microphone: Shure SM58

Recording software: Reaper

Mixing software: Cool Edit Pro 2.0

Video software: Sony Vegas 7.0 w/ NewBlue FX

Basic Info

Started August 20, 2012

Genre Metal

Members Brandon McKagan (Composer):
Ryan Strain (Vocalist):

Record Label bXmMusic

General Manager Brandon McKagan



Current Location USA