Heavy metal with classical and melodic influences. (Formerly Ninetail)


Don (lead guitar), Chris (rhythm guitar), Griff (bass), Chris (drums) and Greg (keys & samples) were in Ninetail for 8 years and toured all over the country playing with many big artists and got signed to D.R.P. Records and then Hand/Eye Records. As of 2012 their lead singer left and J Robison (vocals) filled the spot. In 2013 Rachel Robison came to their studio while J (vocals), Don (lead gtr) and Chris (drums) were practicing and for fun picked up a mirophone and at that moment it changed everything. We since have been recording and in May 2014 signed up with management, Diminished Pitch Entertainment.

Seraphine consists of a total of seven members, all with extensive music backgrounds including former members of the international recording band Ninetail (DRP Records, Hand/Eye Records). Combining classical, melodic and metal influences in their music along with the contrast of male and female vocals, Seraphine’s sound is uniquely set apart from the pack. Seraphine includes Don Belch and Chris Evan on guitar, Josh Griffin on bass, Greg Weber on keys, Chris Appenzeller on drums and Jason and Rachel Robison on vocals.

Genre Metal

Members Rachel Robison-vox,Jason Robison-vox,Don Belch-lead guitar,Chris Evan-Rhythm guitar,Griff-bass,Chris Appenzeller-drums,Greg Weber-keys & samples

Hometown Dallastown, PA

General Manager Diminished Pitch Entertainment