Solace In Nothing


  • Raul Lopez – Vocals
    Mark Chico – Drums
    Neko Sam – Bass

    Michael Chico – Guitar
    Daniel Chico – Guitar

  • Hometown
  • Record Label – Shopping
  • Bio
    It all begins in 2010 with Brothers Michael and Mark Chico and Neko Sam.
    Dying to leave behind the look, feel and most importantly sound of what one would come to expect in a small Metal band from Tucson, Arizona,
    They created Solace In Nothing.
    Along with Vocalist Marcos Rosas and the addition of the infamous third brother, Daniel Chico they would lay waste to crowds all over the southwest.

    In 2011 S.I.N. released the six track “Demons E.P.” through Pitball Records.

    “The EP offers exceptional moments. “I Am the Needle” digs into your skin with a doomy Sabbath stomp.” -Jarret Keene, Tucson Weekly

    Along with the CD release came the release of the “Bad Dog” music video directed by Brad Phipps of A Personal Reality Video Productions.

    In 2013 Solace In Nothing would part ways with Vocalist Marcos Rosas.
    After a very short audition process the big space left behind by Marcos would be filled to the brim and then some by David Lucero.

    2014 will see the release of the full length debut album from Solace In Nothing. 100% written, recorded, funded and printed by the band.
    Along with this will come a weekly web-series documenting the bands history from beginning to the present and the recording of the LP also directed and edited by Brad Phipps of A Personal Reality Video Productions.

    Be on the look out for the debut album later this year and continue to make history with us!

  • Current Location
    Tucson, AZ
  • General Manager
    Solace In Nothing
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