sorrows ruin

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  • Genre¬† Metal
  • Band Members
    Ibn Terra- Vocalist
    Dalton Spencer- Guitarist
    Jason Morrison- Guitarist
    Troy Veltre- Bassist
    Phil Humphrey- Drummer
  • Hometown¬† Tucson, AZ
  • Bio
    A Hybrid Metal band from Tucson, Arizona, Sorrows Ruin is a 5-member, no holds barred group of mixed influences formed in early 2014. Their stage show includes face-paint and apocalyptic battle armor to reflect the image of a soon to come world. The heavy hitting team creates a musical array that gathers inspirations from different corners of the metal genre. Bands like; Hatebreed to Tyr, All that Remains to Pantera, Classical to modern and things well outside the box.
    Sorrows Ruin’s strong and dedicated fan base, known as the RuiNation are often seen wearing war-paint and representing the band in fanatical fashion.
    The Takedown, Sorrows Ruin’s first EP release is currently distributed globally and includes 6 songs mixed and master by Mitch Burbidge of Omniversal studios.
  • Awards
    ~Winner one Battle Royale round one- Aug. 23rd 2014
    ~Winner of Battle for Momentum Fest- January 10th 2015
    ~Winner of IpoRadio.com Battle of the bands 2015
  • General Manager Ibn Terra
  • Artists We Also Like
    Saalythic, Animus Divine, Solace in Nothing, Infernal Awakening, Bridges Shall Burn, Look to the Sky, As We Watch Them Fall, A fall to Break, Elyzian, Waysted Youth
  • Influences
    All That Remains,
    Five Finger Death Punch,
    We are influenced by pretty much every flow of music. Dig it.
  • Band Interests
    We want to have a good time destroying cultural boundaries and inspiring inner strength,
  • Email sorrowsruin@yahoo.com
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