Genre: Extreme Metal

    Kristof Bathory – Vocals, Music, Left Hand Path Propaganda

    -Grey – Guitars

    -Paris Giraud – Guitars

    -Angel Dies – Bass, Female Vocals

    -Bahemoth – Keyboards

    -Levi Xul – Drums

  • Record Label
    Seeking new label support
  • Short Description
    The New Era Of Extreme Metal
  • Long Description

    URILIA takes the sound of European Metal and blends it with an American Metal style. This new group is a hybrid of all styles of Extreme Metal with a message from a path of dark spirituality and left hand path beliefs.

    (Featuring ex-members of Dawn of Ashes, As Summer Dies, & Demona Mortiss)

  • Bio

    GEOGRAPHICAL INFO: URILIA – THE following is the Text of URILIA, the Book of the Worm. It contains the formulae by which the wreakers of havoc perform their Rites. These are the prayers of the ensnarers, the liers-in-wait, the blind fiends of Chaos, the most ancient evil.

    – Necronomicon –

    Here is a new and improved vision of Extreme Metal that combines a European style of Metal with an American style that also strikes with a powerful message from a path based on Occultism, Dark Spirituality, and Left Hand Path beliefs that will now spread like a plague throughout the Metal scene. .

    – The law behind the nature of creation and destruction. The magick of chaos.

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    Tom George at: tomgeorgepr@gmail.com
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  • https://www.facebook.com/URILIAband
  • https://twitter.com/URILIAband