Band Members

  • Patrick Hamilton – Vocals
  • Nick Perrone – Drums
  • Bobby Miller – Guitar
  • Justin Beacham – Guitar
  • Jack Hinson – Bass
Hometown: New Jersey
Record Label: Outerloop Records

Post-hardcore New Jersey quintet VANISH draws musical influences from bands such as My Chemical Romance, Mariana’s Trench, and Sleeping With Sirens while bringing in their own unique aesthetic to the core of their sound. From heavy hitting riffs to catchy choruses and emotional lyrics VANISH draw attention not only for their energetic music but for their dramatic on-stage performances. With the release of their new single “Dead” on Outerloop Records they are surely a band to watch out for in 2017. VANISH is Patrick Hamilton (vocals), Nick Perrone (drums), Bobby Miller (guitar), Justin Beacham (guitar), and Jack Hinson (bass).