How is the band feeling after releasing your second full length album Ei valo minua seuraa (No Light Follows Me)?

How have you grown as a group since Ajastaika which released in 2013? What has changed?

How did the band come together to write Ei Valo Minua Seuraa?

We’re feeling very taken by all the positive feedback and reviews the album has gotten ever since it came out. It’s always good to see people appreciating the hard work which goes to making each album.

I’d say we’ve grown a lot since 2013. As individual artists and as a band. We’ve thrown a lot of gigs since we got Iiro to become our manager and became the first band in his booking agency Northern Solitude Entertainment’s roster. We pretty much consider the first album to be a sort of ”practice album”, since it had some re-arranged demo songs in it and we were still so green when recording the whole thing. We learned a lot of things, and hope it shows in this new record; both composition and production wise.

The writing process was the same as it was with the debut; one person comes up with an almost or completely finished song, and the rest of the guys improve on it. The song usually goes through a lot of phases until it’s done, but sometimes there’s very little changes. The end product is still always something we all agree on. The fifth track ”Vaipunut” was an exception though, since it turned out to be the first Vorna track ever we all equally worked on since the beginning.
Tell us about your recent European tour with Thyrgrim.

Was this your first big European tour?

What lessons did you learn about touring and being on the road?

The tour was a huge milestone in the band’s history and a great success all in all.

It was the first time we played outside Finland, and we were lucky enough to end up together with a band such as Thyrgrim. Great band and amazing individuals. We had a great time getting to know them on the road and they became good friends to us in the end.

Throwing shows and being on the road didn’t really differ from what it is in Finland, but being in a different country always has its own vibe and we tried to suck it in the best we could. Spending a lot of time in Germany meant enjoying the local beers and sausages, naturally.

The music video for Yksin is very beautiful! I really enjoyed the editing, how the band members presented themselves, and the actors/guests who appeared in the video.

Was this your first scripted music video? And was it a fun experience?

Did I see a guest violin player playing in the video?

What is the story behind the girl falling into the water then rising back up out of it?

Poor girl! The water looked very cold. Was she cold?

Thank you! A lot of time and effort went into putting it out, so it’s great to hear it turned out alright.

”Yksin” was our first music video overall, and taking part in a music video was a completely new experience for all of us except Arttu (lead guitars) who studies cinematography and who directed and also was one of the two editors of the video. I personally only took part in the band shoot so the whole thing might’ve seemed more fun to me than for a few others, hehe.

The story behind the lake scene is tied to the theme of the song (the way I interpret it); it’s about introspection and a person ”becoming whole”, shedding away the old self. She comes to the surface free of the burden that used to weigh on her.

It was late autumn when we shot the video so the water was pretty cold, as you can guess. She did yell “FUUUUCK” when going in, but there was a warm car and blankets waiting for her after. Though only the scene where she falls into the water was shot at the lake. Rest of it was done in a swimming hall. Nonetheless, she was a fighter through the entire shoot of the video and we didn’t hear any complaints from her whatsoever, so we’re very thankful to have had her as the actress.

I noticed how humble you guys are as a band by reading some of your social media posts. You are always expressing gratitude to the fans and other bands you work with. You also ask your fans to make noise for you in their town so that you can book shows and travel more often and I fully agree with you! I cannot stress it enough to my listeners at IPO Radio that independent artists work so incredibly hard to get their names out there and that every band they love has started as a struggling artist. It takes the right support group for a band to be able to make it.

Where are you guys hoping to travel to in 2016?

What experiences are you looking forward to the most?

Thanks! We’ve always been about treating fans and fellow bands with the respect they deserve, and there’s really no reason to not be humble anyways. We’re still a small band, though nothing would change even if we were bigger, that’s for sure.

We’re hoping to hit Europe again, this time going for more countries than last year! Nothing is certain yet, but we’ll let people know when things start coming up. Also some great things are in planning considering the Finnish shows, so stay tuned!

Playing in new countries and venues and getting to know new people, whether it’s other bands or fans, is something I’m looking forward to the most. Also hoping to catch up with the fellow musicians we’ve toured with before!

I read somewhere you guys have a “VORNA beer called “Taival”. It’s fairly strong stout with hints of juniper and smoke and it should be available on some selected shows in Finland on our upcoming European tour”

Is brewing beer something you guys do as a hobby? Tell us more!

Any other hobbies you care to share with us?

We sure have. And I gotta say it turned out to be a damn fine stout! It was available on a few of our shows in Finland and the feedback we heard was very positive. It is/was a rather small batch, but I’m pretty sure the beer can still be found in some select pubs around Finland.

Brewing beer is not something we personally do; ”Taival” was brewed by Panimo Hiisi which is based in Jyväskylä. Huge shout out to them for making this possible!

In addition to this band hobby (heheh), I personally enjoy discovering and listening to new bands, gaming and taking strolls in the woods. Now that we’re slowly starting to compose stuff for our next release, exploring the nature is a solid way to catch some inspiration.

I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I also want to thank your label Inverse Records for putting you guys on our radar.

What is next for Vorna? Anything else you would like to tell the fans?

And I thank for you the well-thought-out questions!

Currently we’re recharging our batteries after an extremely eventful year, but you can surely expect more shows from us in the near future, both home and abroad. We’re also slowly turning our composing mode on so that we can continue on delivering new and refreshing pieces of music to you in the future as well!

Thanks a lot for the support so far, and keep on supporting smaller bands. They need it. 🙂


Vesa Salovaara – Vocals
Arttu Järvisalo – Guitars
Henri Lammintausta – Guitars
Niilo Könönen – Bass
Saku Myyryläinen – Keyboards
Mikael Vanninen – Drums