We Are Doom


We Are Doom brings the boom that vibrates through your speakers! Do not be alarmed and accept the sound that will resonate through your ears. Call it fresh, call it new but don’t call it plain for it is everything but that. Mixing various genres together, We Are Doom promises to deliver music that will delight you and make you want more.

We aim to please, we aim to satisfy. We aim to truly fulfill your appetite for new and electrifying music. There is no need to label the sound that We Are Doom produces as mere words are but a shell of how glorious the sounds are. Ladies and gentlemen, let us take you on a ride that will change what you think music is. We serve only the purpose to entertain you.

The band known as, “We Are Doom” consists of four members: Jerry on guitar and vocals, Rey on synthesizers, guitar and vocals, Wesley on drums and Antonio on bass. They hail from the city of Aurora, Colorado and promise nothing but the finest alternative music that can be found. Be liberated from the norm and transcend to a higher and more promising life by joining We Are Doom on their musical journey.

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