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ID3 Tags – How they work and why they are important

Ever wonder why your songs appear simply as “Track 1” or “Track 2” instead of the actual name of the song when you are uploading tracks to your various profiles? How can you get credit for your great music when promoters or radio stations don’t know the name of your songs or even worse if …

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Punch Cabbie

Band Members Jarrett Robert / vocals Ryan Wagner / guitar/ vocals Frank Pecoraro / guitar Ronnie Selinko / guitar Mike Sather / drums Hometown: Chicago, IL Record Label: eOne Music Hailing from the heart of Chicago, IL. Punch Cabbie is an entity that stands for 3 things … Energy, Attitude and Attitude. With an open mind approach to music …

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Band Members Joe David Kyle Matt Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Record Label: Suretone Records If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention. Heavy music is alive and DED is bringing back the aggressive spirit that is authentic to the genre. “There is an honesty and a “fuck you” about hard core music that I …

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Stacc Styles

  Band Members Stacc Styles Hometown: Tucson, Arizona Record Label: Unsigned

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  Band Members Trenton Valenzuela – Vocals John Oeinck- Guitar David Davis – Guitar Kyle Hernandez – Bass Dwight Dixon- Drums Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona Record Label: Unsigned Sinshrift’s sound can be described as Melodic, Aggressive, and Infectious. They employ the necessary tools to have a successful sound without becoming cliché or compromised. The group has …

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  Band Members Patrick Hamilton – Vocals Nick Perrone – Drums Bobby Miller – Guitar Justin Beacham – Guitar Jack Hinson – Bass Hometown: New Jersey Record Label: Outerloop Records Post-hardcore New Jersey quintet VANISH draws musical influences from bands such as My Chemical Romance, Mariana’s Trench, and Sleeping With Sirens while bringing in their …

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sorrows ruin

  Band Members Ibn Terra- Vocalist Dalton Spencer- Guitarist Jason Morrison- Guitarist Troy Veltre- Bassist Phil Humphrey- Drummer Hometown: Hometown  Tucson, AZ Record Label: Unsigned Hailing from Tucson Arizona, Sorrows Ruin is a five piece multi-faceted hybrid metal group formed in early 2014. Fueled by the idea of a post-apocalyptic era, the band quickly set …

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Far Away Stables

  Band Members Brendan Sheargold – Vocals Mitchell Grace – Guitar + Vocals Tim Byles – Bass Nick Palmer – Guitar Cam Bury – Drums Hometown: Sydney, Australia Record Label: Unsigned Sydney’s Far Away Stables are poised to release their debut album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’ into the world on Friday May 12th. After having …

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Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights

Band Members Paul Johnson, Vox, Guitars Zack Lewis, Drums Danial Williamson, Guitars Jordan May, Bass, Keys Hometown: Hattiesburg Ms. Record Label: Unsigned Paul Johnson & The About Last Nights may be from Mississippi, but this isn’t your traditional “southern rock.  Singer/Songwriter Paul Johnson and Drummer Zack Lewis had a vision in mind, which was to …

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Band Members Dave Naruszewicz – Vocals Evan Seidlitz – Vocals/Keys Shawn Patterson – Guitar Mark James Klepaski – Bass Russell Ray – Drums Hometown: Los Angeles Record Label: Unsigned In the summer of 2014, frontman and guitarist, Dave Naruszewicz was looking to work on a new project following the disbandment of Chicago-based group, Heart-Set Self …

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Lions Lions

Band Members Vocals : Joshua Herzer Guitar : Brandon Davis Guitar : Isaac Vigil Bass: Christian Pulgarin Drums: Derek Vautrinot Founded 2008 in Boston, MA Record Label: Unsigned Contact Email: Management: Brandon Davis Email : Publicity: Wendy Ford Email: Booking USA: Brandon Davis Email: Booking UK/EU: Laurin Rutgers Email: Lions …

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  Band Members Randall Swindell – Vocals Alyson Precie – Vocals Michael Jenny – Drums Matt Lundgren – Drums Jeff Sargent– Guitar Hometown: Tucson AZ Record Label: Unsigned Swindy (Randall Swindell) started out singing and playing guitar for Ensphere, a rock band from Tucson AZ in 2008. Ensphere released 2 records and toured until 2012. Swindy …

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Gold Steps

Band Members Liz Mauritz – Vocals Zach Duarte – Lead guitar Cam Lamothe – Rhythm guitar Da Vid – Bass Roger Steadman – Drums Hometown: Austin, Tx Record Label: Unsigned The heart of Texas is pumping with the pop-punk palpitation of Austin’s Gold Steps. Formed of transplants finding their way in music and life, the …

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Youth In Revolt

Band Members Tanner Allen (vocals) Arvin Sarathy (drums) Kenny Torres (Vocals, Bass) Alex Ramos (Guitar) Chris Coletti (Guitar) Hometown: New Jersey Record Label: Outerloop Youth in Revolt is a five-piece rock band hailing from Holmdel, New Jersey with musical similarities to bands such as Sleeping With Sirens and Of Mice and Men. With sinister riffs, heavy …

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Carousel Kings

Band Members David Alexander Cody Jay Williams Will Barovick Danny Wilkins Hometown Lancaster, PA Record Label Victory Records (Present) CI Records (2012-2016) CAROUSEL KINGS have anchored their name as one of the most ambitious and creative rock machines in recent years. The Lancaster, PA music scene has definitely had an influence on CAROUSEL KINGS – the same town …

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The Endless Pursuit

Band Members Gabe Montiel – Guitar/Vocals Andres Bautista – Bass Kenny Padilla – Drums Michael Shaheen – Saxophone Michael Ion – Keyboard/Saxophone Matt Hotez – Trombone The Endless Pursuit started playing shows in 2010. Formerly known as “Man Overboard”, the band formed in 2005 when a few high schoolers wanted to impact the music scene. …

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Never Say Never

Band Members Mike Prince ~Vocals Jacob Ryan “The Raskal” ~Vocals Ryan Conroy ~Guitar Abe Saenz ~Bass James Ringstrom ~Drums Never Say Never is a hot new multi-genre band, quickly rising through the flourishing Arizona & California music scene. This group is comprised of members of Arizona/California bands Stop Tyler and Lethal Injektion. Vocalist, Mike Prince …

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Band Members Hans – guitar, lead vocals Stijn – backing vocals Pierre – bass Lode – drums Since the release of their debut EP ‘Dance To This!’ in 2011, F.O.D. has become a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. The band built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies, …

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Da Beast & Da Decipelz

Band Members Da beast-rapper Jester z-lead guitar Lil D-rhythm guitar Pablito suave-bass Aren-drummer Update coming soon

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Her Name Echoes

  Band Members Vocals/Joseph Demirjian Bass/Peter Cortés Guitar/Qusai Asaad Guitar/Billy Shank Drums/Ryan Kemmer Hard rock from Tucson, AZ. Members consist of Joseph Demirjian (Singer), Billy Shank (Guitar), Qusai Asaad (Guitar), Peter Cortés (Bass), and Ryan Kemmer (Drums). The band was started in Summer of 2015 after three members of The Getaway Mile (Tucson, Punk Rock) …

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The Big News

Band Members Vocals,Guitar/Jacob Niceley Bass/Logan Pierce Trombone/Daniel Lewis Trumpet/Ryne Whitehead Saxophone/AJ Burton Drums/Jon Jackson THE BIG NEWS is a Ska Band originally from Norman, OK. It started as 5 Star Gravy in early 2014, but with lineup changes there also came a name change. With a Horn driven approach to energy filled punk rock, The …

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Band Members Sky Verdone Aaron Rudelich Jarvis Anderson Sean Valdez About ArtWork: Bio: “Drawing, paintings and all forms of art have so many different meanings and interpretations.  With music, it is no different.  Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Artwork came together as if fate had already penned the future.  Consisting of vocalist Sky Verdone, guitarist …

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Wearing Thin

 Band Members Tylor Blackburn (Vocals) Jace Garner, (Drums) Jeffery Mudgett, (Guitar) Maclaine Lewis, (Guitar) Nico Lee (Bass) About Wearing Thin: Taking cues from multiple different influences, Wearing Thin has figured out the perfect combination to their own sound. Tylor Blackburn (Vocals), Jace Garner, (Drums) Jeffery Mudgett, (Guitar) Maclaine Lewis, (Guitar) and Nico Lee (Bass) are …

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Famous Last Words

Band Members JT Tollas // Vocals Evan Foley // Guitar Mathew Bell // Bass Craig Simons // Drums Tyler Myklebust // Guitar A phrase reflecting the final articulated words of an individual before death, often to be immortalized as the centerpiece of a particular movement… It’s a pertinent name for a band whose lyrical concepts …

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Band Members JP LaChapelle (Vocals)  Bran Panic (Guitars) Jeff Jenkins (Bass) Cody Taylor (Drums) Genre: Nu Metal / Alternative Rock Hometown: Montreal, Canada contact:   Interview: About Impressum Powerful, Inspiring, Huge and Moving. KEYCHAIN is pushing the boundaries of its genres to bring the world something completely breathtaking. Combining the elements of Metal, Alternative, …

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Cruel Hand

Genre: Hardcore / Punk / Metal Band Members Chris Linkovich : Vocals Seger Dailey : Bass Ryan Goff : Drums Brian Wilcox : Guitar Andrew Budwey : Guitar Hometown: Portland, Maine Record Label: Hopeless Records Online Stores : (US) (EU) Bio Spawned in the lethargic backwoods of the pine tree state, Portland, Maine’s …

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With Confidence

Genre: Pop Punk/Alternative Band Members Vocals & Bass – Jayden Seeley Guitar & Backing Vocals – Inigo Del Carmen Guitar – Luke Rockets Drums – Josh Brozzesi Hometown: Sydney, Australia Record Label: Hopeless Records Short Description With Confidence — Formed in 2012 in Sydney, With Confidence is lead vocalist/bassist Jayden Seeley, backing vocalist/guitarist Inigo Del Carmen, guitarist …

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Genre: ROCK Band Members Singing & Screaming – Masato Lead Guitars – Y.K.C Rhythm Guitars & Vocals – Sugi Bass & Vocals – RxYxO Drums – Katsuma Hometown: Nagoya, Japan Record Label: VAP Short Description Get VENA now Watch ‘Gone’ now Long Description coldrain — Formed in 2007, in Nagoya, Japan, after five members …

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Set It Off

Genre: Orchestral Pop Rock Band Members Cody Carson – Vocals Dan Clermont – Guitar and Vocals Zach DeWall – Guitar Maxx Danziger – Drums Hometown: Tampa, FL Record Label: Equal Vision Records Short Description Set It Off —Set It Off is comprised of Cody Carson (vocals), Dan Clermont (guitar), Zach DeWall (guitar), and Maxx Danziger (drums).The …

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Genre: Pop Punk Band Members Alex Costello – Lead Vocals Alex Adam – Vocals/Guitar Sam Veness – Guitar Matt Roskilly – Bass Hometown: Eastbourne Record Label: Hopeless Records Short Description “BACKBONE” out NOW! CD / Vinyl / Merch – iTunes – Spotify – Long Description ROAM — ROAM are a five piece pop punk band …

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Avant Garde

Cory LaQuay and Joey Wilson got their whirlwind start in music in the post hardcore band A Skylit Drive. Both LaQuay and Wilson were original members since the beginning with the band’s first release, an the EP titled “She Watched The Sky” (2007). Together they went on to record 3 full lengths with the band, …

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Hed PE

  Interview: Genre ROCK / PUNK / RASTA / SOUL Band Members Jahred, Trauma, Kurtis, Gregzilla Hometown: Planet Earth Record Label: PAVEMENT ENTERTAINMENT Bio Originally based in Huntington Beach, CA, (Hed) p.e. was founded in 1994 by frontman Jahred, whose goal was to fuse the reg…ion’s long-standing punk rock heritage with G-funk-inflected hip-hop. He was …

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Safe So Simple

    Genre Easycore/ Pop Punk Poppunk band hailing from Benson, Arizona. Bio Safe, So Simple is a poppunk band hailing from Benson, Arizona. Over the course of our musical endeavors, we’ve shared the stage with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk, For The Win, Carousel Kings, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Forever Came Calling, and Hit The …

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  There’s something about vocalist Tiana Woods’ voice that captivates and ensnares the senses, not letting go until the final lyric is sung. New Transcendence Formed in Los Angeles in early 2010 as ‘Living Eulogy’, the name VARNA was taken from the street that the hard rock trio’s rehearsal studio was located on and most …

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Hailing from Ottawa, ON., Vesuvius brings forth an identity that cannot be disclosed within one particular genre of music. Since their formation in early 2015, the band began working on a blueprint that encompasses a vast expanse of musical influences and intends on defying the millennial archetype of what the youth of today deem to …

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Moments Till Fall

About Moments Till Fall     Focusing on creating music that combines heavy and melodic sounds all while keeping it groovy is something that Moments Till Fall strives for. They combine different styles of music and incorporate all genres that they can to ensure listeners can move when they hear it. The end goal is getting fans …

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Conquer Divide

Band Members Kiarely – Vocals (clean) Janel – Vocals (screaming) Kristen – Guitar Izzy – Guitar Ashley – Bass Tamara – Drums The six-member all female band (consisting of Kiarely Castillo, Janel Duarte, Kristen Woutersz, Isabel “Izzy” Johnson, Tamara Tadic and Ashley Colby) has managed to capture the attention and gain the respect from their …

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